Definition of True Democracy

- By Bahram Maskanian

Democracy is a dynamic participatory means of governance. Democracy is a dynamic set of governing principles and laws for establishing and maintaining social, political, and economic standards within a community, society and country. Democracy is formed and maintained by well-informed, involved and organized citizens, exercising their inalienable rights directly, and through term-limited elected representatives. In a true Democracy common people are considered the primary source of political voice and power. The effectiveness of a true Democracy is measured by the degree of citizen’s involvement, knowledge of true current events and news. Only the informed and involved citizens could be the guardians of their democracy.

Democracy will only succeed and last if it is based on democratic rule of law. A true Democracy is based on the principles of Laws; Rules and Regulations designed and prescribed in the Constitution of such Democracy, voted and approved by the citizens, the guardians of democracy. Democracy is a dynamic powerful instrument used to protect and maintain the principles of social stability, human rights, gender equality and economic prosperity for all, in any given society.

More than half of the world’s populations are women. True democracy will not be possible without actual female equal rights and gender equality. It must be mandated by law, that one woman and one man, should be elected from every municipalities and send to local and federal government offices, to represent all of the community members (Women and Men), truly, fairly, justly and accurately. For example, the five hundred (500) members of U.S. Congress, must consist of, two hundred and fifty (250) women and two hundred and fifty (250) men.

The spirit of Democracy is the means to invoke, mobilize, and galvanize the public to form their own government, answerable to the people and responsible for public safety and security. A democratic system of government is where people are able to exercise their inalienable rights, to directly elect their term-limited representatives, or impeach their elected, or appointed representatives through a local, or national referendum.

The true frontline Guardians of Democracy are local independent press, and informed, involved and alert citizens of a democratic society. What fuels and energizes democratic systems of government are dedicated and watchful investigative journalist and informed vigilant citizens / voters.

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