The Journey of Evolution

- By Bahram Maskanian

For some time now, I have come to believe very strongly that life is a university. And Planet Earth is one of many colleges within these unimaginably vast universes.

We are vulnerable species, hard wired for struggle. Split second after birth, the umbilical cord is cut, the first moment when a newborn open her / his eyes, the child begins her / his struggle, and is forced to learn how to breathe, in order to survive. The learning shall continue until the graduation day, the day one departs and dies. I like to call the inspiration: "The Journey of Evolution"

Evolution is a fundamental law of Nature. Without it there would be nothing. Even a rock is constantly evolving, at subatomic levels and through the microorganisms it holds within. Evolution is one of many nature‘s main governing laws and forces. Everything is and always will be changing and evolving. Nothing ever dies, rather evolves and transforms.

The first step toward discovering whether, or not one has stumbled upon one‘s journey of self-discovery and evolution is to be brave enough to examine one‘s life closely. Facing all of one‘s thorny realities, vulnerabilities, strengths, compassion and love in one‘s heart. One would soon begin to discover and realize the evolutionary growth, changes, wisdom and gained knowledge and compassion one has accumulated over the years. A pattern shall emerge, a pattern of struggle, truth seeking and learning from a wide variety of sources and teachers all around us.

The Journey of Evolution teaches us to learn from the past, taking the gained wisdom from past experiences, making them all permanent part of who we are going forward. We shall learn to forgive those who have wronged us, and prepare to learn from all sources: good and bad. Thus getting ready for when death, the graduating moment has arrived. And if we do not pass the finals, we shall be returned back to the same class, or even lower level one to repeat course all over again.

Never stop struggling, searching and loving. Become an advocate of reason, common sense principles and ethical standards, a proven solid and effective means of making sure you are graduating with honors moving to your new class with in the next planet somewhere in the cosmos.

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