Bullshit Detection System

Protective Immunity For The Mind, Body and Soul

- By Bahram Maskanian - August 18, 1992

Definition of Bullshit:
Bullshit is a bogus statement deliberately presented as being true. Bullshit is something meant to deceive and to give a wrong misleading impression. Bullshit is an act, or attempt to mislead and deceive others by making a lie highly believable as fact. Exactly as it is done in show business, where a professional Bullshit Artist fools us into believing what he or she wants us to believe. The so-called movie stars / actors are good examples of whom and what Bullshit Artists are and do. To make it crystal-clear and better understand how high quality bullshit is manufactured, watch TV advertisements and programs, or see movie, or watch and listen to any religious mullah, or government, or business official speak.

We are equipped with a biological immune system, which fights off infection by foreign pathogens and defends our physical being against any foreign invader. We are also armed with a common sense immune system, which protects us against the invaders of the mind and soul. One may refer to it as, - Common Sense Wisdom, - or - Intuition, - or - Sixth Sense, - or - Gut Feeling, - but I like to call it, - Bullshit Detection System - or BDS for short.

On a daily basis we are bombarded with so much bullshit at every level and at every second of every waking moment of our lives. So I thought it would be a jolly good idea to recognize the intricate functionality of our BDS and to learn how to use, enhance and strengthen our - Bullshit Detection System - BDS. Whenever you are reading, listening or watching any piece of information presented to you as fact or truth, but deep down inside you are feeling an uneasy sensation about it, that is your BDS at work, which means one of the following two conditions is true:

  1. The subject matter could be true but since you do not know enough about it, your BDS kicks in, and alerts you that you need to educate yourself about the suspect subject matter. When you are investigating and educating yourself always read the pros and cons, and you shall come to your own healthy conclusions, not of the very well paid preacher, historians, authors or reporters of the misleading text, or the very well paid deceptive talking heads and opinion makers of the nation-less corporate media. Discovering the truth for yourself is wise, everlasting, tremendously rewarding, satisfying and priceless. Discovering the truth for yourself is a powerful guiding light, which will enhance and brighten your future and the future of the community in which you live.

  2. The presenters of that piece of information, the well paid preacher, historians, authors or reporters of the misleading text or the deceptive talking heads and opinion makers of the nation-less corporate media are full of shit and they are after your citizen power, money, vote, or all of what you own.

We should never lose sight of the fact that lack of trust for our built-in BDS, or any efforts to suppress our BDS will lead us into the path of ethical and social degradation; a society full of stupid brain-dead people under complete domination of a few bullshit-artist, who themselves are under the spell of higher bullshit curse: greed.

Reflective Mind: - Reflective minds are those who suppress their BDS, essentially training and forcing their minds to function as a reflective mind. This means only reflecting, just like a mirror, the thoughts and findings of others, however wrong and stupid they maybe, as viable ideas and even sometimes believing them as their own.

Analytical Mind: - Analytical minds are those who value their mind's cognitive abilities and sense of self-definition and tend to do what needs to be done. They study the pros and cons, then sit back, analyze their findings, and come to their own healthy conclusion.

We must always think critically of all authorities, issues and personalities all the time. But the bullshit dispensers of our time, such as; nation-less corporations, religious mullahs of the 3 Adam and Eve based religions; Judaism, and its 2 derivatives; Christianity and Islam, easily controlled academia talking heads, politicians and Hollywood high quality bullshit production machine want us not to think at all, or at best, just think passively.

Incidentally, the finer and better fabricated the bullshit, the more difficult it would be to detect it. Speaking of the father and grand prizewinner of best bullshit; next to history, are the 3 Adam and Eve based religions; Judaism, and its 2 derivatives; Christianity and Islam, which happen to be the 3 top ranking of the long lasting and deadly bullshit of all-time, ever manufactured by the patriarchal criminal bastards.

Caution, NOT THINKING CRITICALLY is extremely hazardous to your health, health of your family and well being of your community, therefore do your own reading, thinking and decision making, thus never permit anyone to manipulate your thoughts, emotions and behavior. We must continue and never stop Self-Exploration and Self-Education, until the last day of class, our lives, the graduation day.

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