Citizen Unions, or Political Parties:

- By Bahram Maskanian

I personally prefer the name Citizen Union, a coinage of mine, instead of Political Party for the simple fact that due to the monumental local and international corruptions many folks do not have a favorable view of political parties, politicians and politics in general.  And still perceive politics a dirty business, that politicians and political parties are corrupt, in many cases deservedly so.  I am positive that the only effective means of encourage disenfranchised people back into the political scene is to renovate, update and rename the whole Political Party concept and process of political management and participation.

I am confident that people will see the difference between what use to be, what it should be, and is now.  Realizing that politics has always been part of our daily lives, we just need to be involved and get good at it.  Citizen Union is the union of the people, more so than a typical political party.  Citizen Union platform will be the reflection of peoples’ desires for a dignified and democratic society and life.  Once people witness honorable and high quality political policies put in practice by their Citizen Union, political process shall be perceived as a noble task, the ultimate pursuit of serving the public to protect and improve social, economic and political conditions, and the lives of the citizens.

Citizen Union will be responsible for enhancing the ability of the public to participate and contribute to the democratic values and policy-making, the social governance processes at the national and local levels in an open, representative means, thereby generating a greater public trust and confidence in their ability to govern and effect positive policy change.

Citizen Union Management:
Citizen Union offices should be controlled and managed by the local citizen members, adhering to the Citizen Union platform.  All of the citizen union leadership and managerial positions should be fulfilled through fair and democratic elections, and no official, nor anyone should ever be allowed to deviate from the union’s platform, unless is democratically changed, voted upon and approved by the union members. 

Citizen Unions are one of the necessary six components for the development and preservation of democratic social governing system and the rule of law. Citizen Unions serve to bring people who strive for dignified, democratic and just system of government together within any given society.  Citizen Unions provide policy ideas reflecting peoples’ desires of how their society should be governed.  Citizen Unions identify, groom and educate future political leaders. Citizen Unions are important link between the citizens and their government.

Citizen Union development and growth is guaranteed by its visionary democratic platform.  A healthy and democratic citizen union is an important instrument for the establishment of governmental bodies and civic organizations.  Without a democratic, strong and dynamic Citizen Unions democracy will not mature and survive.

Citizen Union Platform & Civil Organization Charter:
All Unions and Civil Organization charters and platforms must be based on reason, common sense principles, ethical standards and United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, reflecting and promoting democratic values.  A forward thinking detailed document reflecting public desires for a dignified life consisting of: good public education, healthcare, social safety, liberty, justice, rule of law, just and fair taxation, preservation and protection of the nation and the environment, based on democratic principles and values.  Union platforms and Civil Organizational charters are the foundation on which any Union, or Civil Organization bases its decisions, social and political activities, a visionary constitution that governs all political involvements, organizational behavior, legislatures and government policy support.

All Unions and organizational charters and platforms must be built upon a solid foundation of peoples’ hopes and aspirations.  Reflecting the societies democratic values.  A platform outlining a democratic system of governance of the people, used as a guiding force and a contract, honored by the membership and the leadership of Unions and other Civic Organizations.

Citizen Unions and Civic Organizations main role is to be an open forum for bringing the citizens of the community together, by providing a platform within a society to monitor, examine critic, and if necessary expose and stop bad government policies, laws and treaties.

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