Definition of Politics

- By Bahram Maskanian

Politics is the art and the science of managing and governing one’s entire social and economic affairs, interactively in conjunction with the rest of the community, especially the collective governing of a political entity, such as a nation, the administration and control of the nation’s internal and external relationships.

Politics is the activity and interaction engaged in by any given society’s citizens, to build and maintain a community and establish communal social services and to protect and promote democratic rule of law, for all citizens. Politics is the maneuvering methods and tactics involved in managing and resolving social issues in any given society, or state government.

A politician supposed to be an ethical, reasonable and a common sense kind of an individual. Politicians hold an intriguing and rewarding public service career and responsibility, where they should honorably discharge hers, or his duties in an ethical, honorable and caring manner.

One must not confuse the dishonest, common criminal political hustlers engaged in illegal treasonous activities with true devoted and good politicians.

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