Definition of Conservative

- By Bahram Maskanian

To conserve is to protect something worth conserving, such as, but not limited to: an environmentally, or culturally, or socially, or humanitarian, or human rights and liberties vital issues, places, or things, from harm and destruction.

To conserve is to prevent wasteful and harmful overuse of any resource, by conserving it, such as: we should conserve water, or perish without it. We should conserve and protect our one and only home Planet Earth, or suffer an agonizing death and destruction.

To be a conservative is to prevent any and all contaminates entering our food supply. To be a protector of the many highly endangered human rights, liberties and many vital life supporting resources, such as, but not limited to: clean air, clean water, clean soil, healthy organic foods, organic agriculture, etc.

To be a conservative is to be a protector of our one and only environment, which has been under the polluting robber barons attack for the past 200 years, since the industrial age. Overwhelming number of true ethical scientists have been warning the politicians and the humanity at large that enough is enough, Planet Earth has been warming for far too long, we are getting dangerously close to the point of no return.

So you see, to be a true conservative and a protector is not to be prostituting Republican and or Democrat politician, paid to protect the harmful plundering and destructive ways of the Nation-less Corporations. Fighting tooth and nail to prevent fair taxation, protecting the criminal billionaires from paying taxes. Acting as complete morons and denying the obvious facts of Global Warming is not being conservative, far from it, it is the opposite of conservative, it is highly destructive.

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