Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting the Venus Project Foundation as your trusted source of enlightenment, New Energy and much more.

We are earnestly aware of the trust you place in the Venus Project Foundation, our staff and website. We take full responsibility for protecting your provided information and your privacy.

We would like to assure you that information collected by our website, while you make any amount of donations, and or use our services, or browse and read any of our informative articles, shall be kept secret and will never be shared, given, or offered to anyone. Furthermore, we would never send you anything that you did not ask for. No junk mail, and that is a promise!

If you are concerned about the topics covered by this policy, you should read it each time before you use our website. Any questions or concerns about this policy should be brought to our attention by contacting us online and providing us with information relating to your concerns.

You may also mail your concerns to us at the following address below:

Venus Project Foundation
6102 5th Ave, Unit # 205390
Brooklyn, NY 11220

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