Definition of False Flag Operation - A Wake-up Call

- By Bahram Maskanian

The phrase: “False Flag Operation” was coined by the sailors working on naval ships starting from sixteen century. The European naval ships used to carry all other country's flags on board and at the opportune moment they falsely flag their ship to deceive other vessels. For example; if a British ship wants to get close enough to attack and plunder a Spanish vessel, they would change their flag to Spanish, to get close enough to cannon the ship, takeover and rob the Spanish boat.

False flag operation is used to achieve impossible goals by the criminal elites, the proud owners and operators of the United States of nation-less corporations, and the European Union of nation-less corporations. To jump start a false flag operation they cause a huge problem, and based on public's reaction offer to implement a solution, which would have been impossible to do so, prior to their false flag operation success. All horrific wars, genocides and historic atrocities were all started as a false flag operation.

For example; first they create a "Pearl Harbor" like problem, a tragic, awful event, such as: September 11, 2001 (9/11), second: through their nation-less corporation's owned media, reveal with absolute certainty who is responsible for what happened, which is never true, to provoke public anger, to instigate their criminal solution as the one and only means of dealing with the problem. Soon after watching the tragic event on television, day and night, countless times, the public will be brainwashed enough to go for revenge.

The “false flag operation” target enemies are always nations whom happen to own a highly coveted vast natural resources, or strategically important territory, or something that the criminal murdering elites want, which they would have never had a chance of owning, exploiting and controlling them, for gaining higher level of domination and profits.

The criminal aristocratic families of Europe and U.S., have used “false flag operations” to their own advantage throughout history, just to name a few: World War I and II, Korean War, Vietnam, dozens of fake revolutions in South America, Africa and Asia, three in Iran alone in the past one hundred years, three in Egypt, three in Iraq, and much more causing unimaginable destruction, murdering over two hundred and fifty million innocent people, just in the past one hundred years.

The American and European criminal aristocratic families are and have always been funding all terrorist organizations all over the world without exception, through their secret societies, shadowy governments and foundations. They currently control everything, from money, food, medicine, education and everything else in between, that we, the people need to survive, and obviously the control of U.S. and the European countries through their nation-less corporations.

Everyone should watch THRIVE documentary film to become informed of who these aristocratic criminal families are, responsible for millions upon millions of deaths and unimaginable destruction all over the world. The film is free to watch and learn.

We, the people must wake-up and boycott all elections and convene constitutional conventions all over the United States of America.!

We must never forget, that, those who do not learn from their history are doomed to repeat their awful history over and over again.! And; evil shall triumph, only when good people do nothing to stop it.!

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