Human Sexuality - Everyone Should Know

- By Bahram Maskanian

All mammal species, including human beings’ sexuality is genetically predetermined. Heterosexual, or Straight, Homosexual, or Gay (top, bottom, or cross dressing queen), Lesbian (lumberjack, butch, or lipstick), Bisexual, Asexual, Transsexual and most interesting of all would be Hermaphrodite: a mammal creature with both male and female sex organs and sexual characteristics, and much more, in fact there are so many other natural sexual orientations that they are categorized in 34 groups.

I will share with you, my own story. As you can clearly see, soon after I completed my first penetration, fertilizing the egg, I decided, that I wanted to be a straight and attractive man. I remember, as it was day before yesterday, shortly after I successfully penetrated and fertilized the egg, and my embryo was formed, I had a long talk with all of the dividing cells and made sure they understood, that I wanted to be born a tall, dark, straight, handsome, heterosexual man, with big healthy brain, big penis, brown eyes, black hair, and Persian.

My first penetration, fertilizing the egg!

If you are wondering and thinking hey, wait a minute, you can’t do that, no one can!!! You are absolutely correct. When you read the statement at the above you can clearly hear how silly and even stupid it sounds. We have no control over any of these characteristics, no one has. Thereby, we must do all that we can to educate our religious nuts and ignorant fellow humans to please stop burning books, read them instead and stop being homophobic bigots and grow the hell up.

We should encourage our fellow ignorant Earthian citizens to stop listening to religious mullahs and political hustlers, and begin to use reason, common sense and your own built in life wisdom, to learn and find out that all human species and all other mammal’s size, color, and sexual orientation are all determined by Mother Nature and we have absolutely nothing to do with it, zero control over any of the said characteristics. The number of X and Y chromosomes determine all mammal’s species sexuality.

Dolphins, monkeys, lions, and many other mammals in the wild have been observed to exhibit homosexual and asexual behavior as well. The reason you do not see other mammal’s homosexual behavior on Nature documentary films is because of homophobic Judeo-Christian men in charge of PBS and other media networks who demand and force the producers to remove those footage, and edited them out.

Heterosexual, or Straight, Homosexual, or Gay, Bisexual, Asexual, and much more, in fact there are so many other natural sexual orientations that they are categorized in 34 groups.

Are a threadlike structure of nucleic acids and protein found in the nucleus of most living cells, carrying genetic information in the form of genes.

Each chromosome consists of a DNA double helix bearing a linear sequence of genes, coiled and recoiled around aggregated proteins (histones). Their number varies from species to species: humans have 22 pairs plus the two sex chromosomes (two X chromosomes in females, one X and one Y in males). During cell division, each DNA strand is duplicated, and the chromosomes condense to become visible as distinct pairs of chromatids joined at the centromere. Bacteria and viruses lack a nucleus and have a single chromosome without histones.

Sex Chromosomes:
The nuclei of human cells contain 22 autosomes (not a sex chromosome) and 2 sex chromosomes. In females, the sex chromosomes are 2 X chromosomes. Males have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome. The presence of the Y chromosome is decisive for unleashing the developmental program that leads to a baby boy.

The Y Chromosome:
In making sperm by meiosis, the X and Y chromosomes have to separate in anaphase just as homologous autosomes do. This occurs without a problem because, like homologous autosomes, the X and Y chromosome synapse during prophase of meiosis I. There is a small region of homology shared by the X and Y chromosome and synapsis occurs at that region.

The X and Y Sex-Determination System:
The X and Y sex-determination chromosomes system are found in humans, other mammals and some insects (Drosophila) and some plants (Ginkgo). In this system, females have two of the same kind of sex chromosome (XX), and are called the homogametic sex. Males have two distinct sex chromosomes (XY), and are called the heterogametic sex. However, an opposite scheme is found in birds.

The XY sex chromosomes determination system was first discovered and described independently, by Nettie Stevens and Edmund Beecher Wilson, 106 years ago, in the year 1905.

The delicate balance combination of the X and Y chromosomes, if upset by any factor will result in developing an angel of a healthy child who is physically male, or female with male, or female sexual organs, but with sexual tendencies that may differ mildly, or radically from their obvious physical appearance.  So please try to understand that sexual so-called orientation is the genetic built-up of the person, not a personal preference.  In short please don’t be a homophobic bigot and grow up.


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