Conscience Spirituality - Light Worker

- By Bahram Maskanian

My purpose in life is to guide all seekers to the way of love and light, to love and live. - The conscience spirituality is not, in any way religious, or biased, or has anything to do with any of the barbaric patriarchal religions.

Conscience Spirituality is the path of enlightenment, awakening, soul progress, and ultimately, universal love and compassion. My mission is to awaken all confused none conscience spiritual folks, and to guide light-workers and spiritual seekers to the right path of enlightenment.

A Light-worker is an inspired person consciously spiritual, a person who has been incarnated on planet Earth, to bring spiritual awakening to all of Humanity. Through their special skills they are able to inspire others to seek out through their own extrasensory perception and follow a conscience spiritual path. A light-worker is aligned with the will of Mother Nature, capable of cultivating universal love, and holds a higher light characteristic.

It is my purpose to unite all fellow light-workers, to embrace and empower each other as we fulfill our ultimate mission, to awaken all of humanity who have been lagging behind, to reach their full potential and ascend higher on the evolutionary scale.

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