Definition of Gender Equality

- By Bahram Maskanian

Gender equality is nothing new, according to many existing historical facts, beginning over 12,000 years ago the early Persian Empire spanning over the Asia, North Africa and Europe has been recognized as a peaceful advanced civilization, ruled under matriarchal social governing system, where people enjoyed complete equality between all genders, throughout the whole of Asia, Europe and North Africa.

8,000 Years of Thriving Matriarchal Rule:
Had it not been for the initial 8,000 years of thriving matriarchal rule, prior to the takeover of patriarchal barbarism, we, the human kind would probably still be living in caves. The flourishing and creative culture of matriarchal rule, developed languages and established civil society, gender equality, human rights, human dignity, music, seasonal celebrations and dances such as: belly dance, known as oriental or eastern dance, poetry, philosophy but no religion, cooperative business and trade, mathematics, sciences, holistic herbal medicine, agriculture and much more. Again, had it not been for the thriving matriarchal rule, we would certainly be living in much darker and deeper caves of ignorance, apathy, mediocrity and stupidity that we are currently trapped in today.

The highly rich matriarchal culture and civilization, or as it has been known the world’s “cradle of civilization and culture”, was centered in Mesopotamia, the capital of Persian Empire for thousands of years, an ancient region of southwest Asia, between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in today’s Iraq, up to 1,400 years ago, before the invasion of the barbaric, subjugating and patriarchal forces of Islam, converting people of Asia, Europe and North Africa to Islam at the point of their bloody swords.

What is gender equality, and why most men are scared out of their pants to accept and honor this very basic, but fundamental law of Mother Nature and human rights. Men are raised with a wicked sense of entitlement, instill in them by their family, education and religion. Men are made to believe that they were made in the image of a male god and females are made from a man’s rib to serve men. And due to the patriarchal dominated countries and societies, misogynist and barbaric religious manuals, plus the patriarchal controlled press and media, the gender equality has been pushed aside and completely forgotten, in order to protect men sense of entitlement and control.

The basic gender equality principle is the absolute equal rights and representation of females and males of all sexual orientations within both female and male human species, under the law!

Gender EqualityGender equality, in many respects is unfair to women. It has been proven over and over again, that women are fully capable of performing and doing all of what men could do, and more. - No man could ever do what women can! - Women’s amazing ability to conceive, grow and bring new life to our world, breast-feed, nurture and raise children and manage her family. Women are naturally intuitive, empathetic, loving, caring, with strong sense of collaboration, cooperation and compassion, equipped with superb sense of leadership.

Gender equality, also known as sex equality, or sexual equality, or equality of the sexes and genders, implies that men and women are equal and should be treated as equals and receive equal treatment in every sense, regardless of sexual orientation and any other biological differences.

Gender Equality concept has been imitated from the matriarchal social laws, also accepted and written into the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, and the ultimate aim is to provide equality and protection under the law, equality in all human liberties, social standing and situations, equality in receiving education, equality in all democratic values, principles and activities, and securing equal pay for equal work.

Women Imitating Men are Not Equals:
Must be noted that there is a very small minority of women in the position of wealth and power whom are sadly oblivious to the facts mentioned. Many of these women get where they are either, by orally gratifying men, or imitating men, modeling themselves in behavior and even appearance, or both. Mimicking powerful men’s greedy and criminal behavior with no empathy, willfully ignorant of the life conditions and fate of large majority of women, busy deceiving, cheating, stealing, backstabbing, taking undeserved and destructive advantage of humanity’s natural resources and the voiceless and the powerless people with no mercy. These women are not equal to men, rather following men.

True Gender Equality will be achieved by mandating a federal law for the purposes of gender equal representation for females and males alike, under the law, requiring gender equal representation of every State’s population, within all levels of local and state governments, and at the federal level, the United States population as a whole must be represented by an equal number of females and males to be elected and send to U.S. Congress.

Simply put: out of the 500 members of the United States Congress, there must be 250 females and 250 males representing both genders equally. - This equal representation law must be replicated and put in place for electing City Council members and representatives to local state government’s house and senate as well.

United States of America should use its leverage to impose the very same gender equality law within the international organizations, such as the United Nations. Every member nation has to be represented by two member representatives, one female and one male.

The World Economic Forum published a report recently, in October of 2013 that shows the United States finishes far from the top of a list when it comes to gender equality. According to the reports, women in Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden enjoy far better equal rights.  American women finished 23rd on the list of 136 countries. 

Now, that would be the beginning of providing true gender equality. Women everywhere should wakeup, demand and fight for their fundamental rights!

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