Definition of Fear

- By Bahram Maskanian

Fear is a feeling of agitation and anxiety caused by the presence, or imminence of danger. Fear is the state, or condition of roaming in the dark corners of apathy and ignorance. Fear is a self-imposed state of mind, constant apprehension of unknown, fear of future, fear of change, fear of something impending, especially of what one may feel powerless to avoid. Fear is the extreme reverence, or awe toward mythical symbols. Fear encourages ignorance and apathy.

Fear is the father of cruelty and tyranny. The state induced fear of terror and violence against people is the deadly weapon, which readily conquers reason and common sense. The intense fear rooted and promoted by the criminal elite, religion and supported by government overpowering and debilitating feelings can only be neutralized through the use of reason and common sense.

Horror is a combination of fear and aversion, or repugnance. Panic is sudden frantic fear, often groundless. Fear is the feeling of dismay, or distress, the apprehension that robs one of courage, intellectual power and the ability to act effectively in defense of oneself and one’s community. Fear is a feeling of anxiety, or dismay, or consternation, a state of often paralyzing panic, characterized by confusion, hopelessness and helplessness. Fear is a feeling of trepidation, or agitation, or dread characteristically marked by inability to think and reason, along with trembling and hesitancy.

Fear in all of its meanings and characteristics, has always been and still is a well known tool in the hands of the criminal elites, governments and religious mullahs working in concert and partnership to control peoples’ mind, aspirations, action, vote, elections out comes, popularizing slaughter, murder, warmongering and mayhem for profit and for the benefit of a few.

Fear can only be neutralized and remedied through the use of critical thinking, reason and common sense. “There is nothing to fear, but fear itself”. FDR

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