Definition of Family Values

- By Bahram Maskanian

Definition of Family: Family is a primary social group, a small community, in any society, typically consisting of a man and a woman, or any two individuals who wish to share their lives together in a long-term committed relationship with one another, raising offspring and usually resides in the same dwelling.

Family is the main building block of a community; family structure and upbringing determines the social character and personality of any given society. - Family is where we all learn: love, caring, compassion, ethics, honesty, fairness, common sense, reason, peaceful conflict resolution and respect for ourselves and others, which are the vital fundamental skills, and family values, necessary to live an honorable and prospers life in harmony, in the world community.

Definition of Value: A value is a principle, standard, or quality considered worthwhile or desirable for maintaining a set of customary standards, as I mentioned at the above.

Definition of Family Values: To have a sense of Family Values is to have good thoughts, good intentions and good deeds, to love and to care for those whom we are close to and are part of our primary social group, our community, such as children, parents, other family members and friends. And to treat others with the same set of values, the same way we wish to be treated.

Those who have been lucky to possess the sense of Family Values would be considerate and careful with their conduct making sure not to leave behind a poisoned and polluted world for one’s family and loved ones. - Next time you see the angelic smile of sweet little angels, our children, running around, stop and think for just 1 minute, think about what kind of a polluted Home, Planet Earth we are leaving behind for them.

Those who possess a sense of Family Values would not support, nor stab their community in the back, destroying families, by closing down the employment sources of thousands of people in the community and take the jobs to China, or India, or any other slave labor camps to make more blood money, profit.

Those who possess a sense of Family Values would not allow the nation-less corporate warmongers to pillage other people’s lives, family, property, rights and dignity, and would not allow their representatives meddling in the economic and political affairs of other nations for blood money, profit. And they would not stand for dominating other nation’s lives for worse in order to obtain cheap fuel for their home, factory and automobile and continue ruining the environment, for all of us, the humanity.

The simple fact is that we all are, and have always been punished by the plundering unending greed and un-neighborly foreign policy concocted by the European Union of Nation-Less Corporations and United States of Nation-Less Corporations. The obvious lack of Family Values exhibited by the European and American policy makers is the driving force for providing support and aide given to the corrupt criminal businessmen and politicians to promote their barbaric colonialism, which began over one hundred years ago. It accelerated after the WWII by colonialist criminals beginning with the Roosevelt, Truman and Eisenhower administrations, the CIA and British Prime Minster Churchill, in order to steal oil and protect the criminal oil interests of European and American people and their Nation-Less Corporations.

Those who do possess a sense of humanity and Family Values would not allow anyone, particularly their government and business officials to engage in brutal wars against defenseless nations, murdering families, plundering and depleting family’s natural resources and behaving carelessly, completely immerse in greed and criminal barbarism.

Those who do possess a sense of humanity and Family Values are kind, caring, honorable, neighborly, generous, compassionate, fair, and peace-loving people; advocates of reason, common sense principles and ethical standards.

"Do unto others as you would wish others do unto you." You should simply ask yourself: "Would I like to be kept and treated under the same unfortunate, plundering, miserable and colonial conditions?" Then treat others the same way.

There are only 2 ways of spreading the light of truth and hope, either to be the source of light, truth and hope, The Projector, or be The Mirror, that spreads and reflects the light of truth and hope to others, which one are you?

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Gandhi's Seven Deadly Sins:

1 - Wealth without Work

2 - Pleasure without Conscience

3 - Science without Humanity

4 - Knowledge without Character

5 - Politics without Principle

6 - Commerce without Morality

7 - Worship without Sacrifice

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