Definition of Greed

- By Bahram Maskanian

Greed is criminal, greed is idiotically short sighted, greed is unreliable, greed is highly selfish, greed is blind, greed is destructive, greed is a disease, greed knows no limits, greed is endless and highly unethical.

Greed's endless narcissistic, predatory and criminal behavior have already given us many wars, Global Warring and Global Warming, which have brought humankind to the brink of self-annihilation.

Greed could be best describe as one's narcissistic excessive desire to acquire, or possess far more than what one needs and deserves, especially with respect to material wealth and worldly possessions.

Greed grows in the absence of ethical standards, common sense, compassion and sense of morality, which leads to suppressing the urge in one's conscience to prefer doing right, over wrong.

Many believe, as I do, and attach to competition, the stigma of selfish greed. - Humanity must choose Cooperation for survival instead of Competition, in order to stop greed in its tracks and bring humanity closer together out of the danger zone of the war of self-annihilation.

Cooperation, collaboration and compassion bring out the best in all of us. But, clearly, greed and competition brings out the worse in us.

I choose cooperation, collaboration and compassion. How about you?

Those who do not learn from their true history, are doomed to repeat it…!

Gandhi's Seven Deadly Sins:

1 - Wealth without Work

2 - Pleasure without Conscience

3 - Science without Humanity

4 - Knowledge without Character

5 - Politics without Principle

6 - Commerce without Morality

7 - Worship without Sacrifice

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