Definition of the Arts

- By Bahram Maskanian

Art is a disciplined skill of certain craft principles and methods that is attained by study, practice and powers of observation. Art is the creative skill arising from the exercise of human intuitive faculties.

Art is a human creative effort to imitate, supplement, alter, or counteract the beauty and harshness of life and Nature. Art is a mirror held before the mass public by the artist, in which an artist shows and illustrates the reflections of our human wickedness and goodness. True art supposed to reflect life with all of its ills, sadness, weakness, joy, beauty and strength.

Art is the conscious arrangement and production of colors, forms, movements, sounds, and all other elements used in a manner that affects our human senses, a high quality of conception and execution of creative works of arts, which communicates and touches the hearts and senses of the audiences.

Art is a disciplined system of craft principles and methods employed in the performance of a set of creative and artistic production and activities, such as, but not limited to: the art of sculpting, painting, literature, poetry, dance, music, architecture, etc, which conveys an eye opening message of what is wrong, or missing in that time period of history.

True art enhances, enlightens and enriches peoples’ lives and elevates cultural and social standings. One should not mistake today’s corrupting, denigrating, idiotic, mind-numbing, commercial, useless crap packaged to look like art, as art.

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