Volunteer Base Managing Committee

- By Bahram Maskanian

Democracy training, supporting, disseminating and monitoring civil society organizations such as: Women Unions, or Organizations, Labor Unions, Student Unions, Citizen Unions, or Political Parties, Local Media and Local Independent Press should only be managed by a volunteer, un-paid and Independent Managing Committee, consisting of 9 seats. The said volunteered candidate’s application should be reviewed, approved and voted upon by at least 65% majority votes of the members and or workers of the organization for approval.

The Managing Committee’s members must never be given any salary and financial rewards of any kind, nor any authorities to enact, or dissolve any laws, or rules of the organization. The sole purpose of a Managing Committee would be to manage the day-to-day operation of the organization according to the rules and regulations enacted by the majority votes of the members and or workers. All financial, managerial, organizational policy, proposals and decisions shall be prepared for presentation by the Managing Committee and set-forth to be voted upon by the organization’s workers and or members for passage by at least 65% majority votes.

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