Definition of Misogyny - The Criminal Women Haters

- By Bahram Maskanian

Since life without women, our mothers, is not possible, I have always been puzzled about mistreatment of women prescribed in all man-made religions and practiced all over planet Earth.! To find the root cause of why such barbaric text was written by the male members of the Semite tribes (Jews and Arabs) of today, over three thousand years ago, elevating themselves to god like status and demoting women to subhuman slaves.?

My research led me to the noun: “misogyny”, and the sad fact that in human history there has been a need to invent a word to describe a barbaric social condition, mistreatment of women, says it all.! You see, unlike the lies we are told, human civilization history is over twelve thousand years long.! Up to three thousand years ago before the criminal, pedophile, misogynist male members of the Semite tribes in an attempt to overthrow matriarchal social governing system, they begin manufacturing Judaism, the most barbaric criminal religion on Earth. It took them over five hundred years of religious wars and blood shed, murdering countless millions of innocent people, to achieve their barbaric goals.!

Through my research on the nature of misogynist men throughout history, I discovered that without exception, all misogynist men are rootless criminals, not only they hate women, they hate children, they hate family, they will never love anyone but themselves, they are extremely selfish, power hungry and they only team up and work together with their own criminal kind to conquer and dominate women and the world.!

The criminal misogynist men, have effectively turned more than half of the world’s population, the women population, into voiceless subhuman slaves and silent wives, or maids.! Robbing humanity of the half of the world’s population, the women population’s, talent, brain power, creativity and brilliance for far too long.!

Humanity is controlled through the propagation of universal deceit; Judaism and its two derivatives, Christianity and Islam.! We should never believe what we are told, hear, see, or read.! -- We must use our own built in common sense, reason and skepticism, search for and find the answers for ourselves.!

The three barbaric, Abrahamic, Adam and Eve based, misogynist, man-made, patriarchal religions: Judaism and its two derivatives: Christianity and Islam are, and have always been the agents and promoters of ignorance, hate, violence, rape, murder, plunder, mediocrity and stupidity.!

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