Definition of WAR

- By Bahram Maskanian

War is and has always been a racket. War is one of many awful creations of the current barbaric and criminal ruling patriarchal elites, starting about 4,000 years ago. Religion and war are two of the most destructive and savage barbaric acts, responsible for humanity’s cultural backwardness and stagnation.

War is a state of armed conflict deliberately inflicted upon people by a few murderous men for sole purposes of gaining control and making profits on the financing, manufacturing and sell of deadly weapons to both sides of the conflict, which usually begins through utilizing false flag operations, or by deceiving one, or both side of the conflict’s egotistic, stupid, or treasonous leaders, with promises of huge wealth, glory and territory.

Instigating wars, financing wars, manufacturing and providing logistics for war is not a recent phenomenon. Even at the time of the horse-and-buggy, going to war required a huge expenditure.

Hypothetically, lets say you were fooled to go to war with your army of 100,000 soldiers hoping to conquer China. First thing you shall require is a detailed coordination of a very complex operation involving 100,000 men, facilities, supplies, transportation, foods, armaments, clothing, and more. Can you imagine feeding 100,000 men, 100,000 horses, every-day, for months, some times years on their way to the battlefield and back?

Have you noticed soldiers are no longer human beings? Soldiers are referred to as boots, boats? Young vibrant women and men, soldiers of the United States Armed Forces, have been reduced and dehumanized to a lifeless object, boots, which when damaged, one can buy another from store. And the battlefield where the mass murder takes place is called theater, or ground, masterful desensitizing of the public! -- Euphemism at its best!

NO heads of states, parliaments, or congress, or any other body of men must never be allowed to Declare WAR. Declaration of WAR should be decided and given only by direct vote of the people, via referendum.

War is and has always been a racket

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