Definition of Sex

- By Bahram Maskanian

Sex is a highly profound means of sharing, bonding and connecting to another human being, utilizing many forms of sexual activities, specifically sexual intercourse, energizing psychological, physical, biological and emotional entities within human body.

Sex must always be consensual and based on gender equality.

The numerous sexual activities, sexual energy and sexual power must be taught and understood to avoid harming oneself, and particularly to avoid harming others. Sex without sex education and training is just as dangerous as given a monkey a loaded gun.

The danger lies in the streets, where in the absence of effective sex education and training young people are left at the mercy of street goons, charlatans and their own sexually confused and uninformed friends. Young males learn that women are bitches and whores, deserving no respect and should be treated as: bitches and whores. Young females learn that they are nothing but bitches and whores, deserve to be abused, raped, beaten and referred to as cum bucket.

Sex deprivation could cause many psychological problems, leading to sexual frustration, sexual hostility, and sexual violence. Sex deprivation coupled with alcohol and drug abuse leads to rape and murder.

Sexual activities in all forms, if done right releases health inducing hormones in human body, which strengthens and increases one’s immune system, metabolism, contributes and encourages healthy cognitive function, slows aging, thus allowing one to be happy and healthy organically.

Masturbation Sex: is anatomically and mentally manipulating one’s erotic feelings and thoughts, fondling and touching one’s genitals and other sex organs using a variety forms of psychological and physical stimulation for satisfying oneself. Masturbation is a great function for avoiding sexual deprivation and frustration.

Sex and generally all sexual activities have been painted as shameful behavior, taboo, sin, and forbidding act, by the criminal elite and in forced by their political hustlers and religious mullahs, in order to manipulate and deprive people of the most empowering, rejuvenating, healthy and natural human practice and behavior.


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