The Six Essential Components For Democracy

- By Bahram Maskanian

Democracy is a double-edged sword.  One wrong move; deliberate, or otherwise will lead to violent and tragic consequences, causing countless innocent freedom loving people losing their precious lives, nations ruined, the hope and the rare chance of achieving a true liberating democracy vanished. 

Democracy requires careful strategy, meticulous planning and dedicated civically trained detail oriented individuals to carry out the related responsibilities.  There are six pillars, or supporting elements, which must be put in place for a true democracy to have a chance of taking strong root, growing and maturing into a full-fledged functioning democracy.

Fostering a true democratic governing system requires the embodiment of the following essential disciplines and implementations: 1 - Civic Education2 - Women Organizations3 - Labor Unions4 - Student Unions5 - Local Independent Press / Citizen Journalism6 - Citizen Unions, or political parties.

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