Definition of Brainwash

- By Bahram Maskanian

To brainwash is to make one, or more people adopt radically different beliefs from reason, common sense principles, ethical standards and all things logical. - Or to depart from the beliefs she / he has been conditioned to believe, by using systematic, on going repetition of the new set of fabricated and mythical indoctrination’s subjects, beliefs and behavior, through visual, auditory and behavior modifications of reward and punishment, such as, but not limited to military trainings, in which often mental and physical forcible pressure is applied to brainwash young people to blindly and uncritically follow orders handed down by the criminal elites, in charge, without any hesitation, or trepidation. - Simply brainwashed into conformity and subservience.

Repeat any lie often enough, it will soon become a true reality in the eyes of public.

In the absence of democratic principles, values and rule of law, in a religiously dominated society, with deliberately dumb down public education and in a divided and fractured communities the above brainwashing conditioning are easily applied and imposed on the whole of the society through the use of mass media: television, radio and printing press, etc.

Heavily brainwashed public are doomed to live a robotic life of absolute conformity, in a coma like hypnotic trance.

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