We, The American People, Have Spoken

2018 Ballot Initiative - Referendum

Vote "YES" on Proposition Freedom

Many states in the union have legal provisions, enabling us, the American people, to exercise our inalienable rights, as the true owners of the United States of America, to enact new laws, modify, or abolish existing laws, through Ballot Initiative Referendum.

To achieve the desired outcome, all ballot initiative directives must be written in an unambiguous and clear English language, with explicit objectives, free from any loopholes. The following are comprehensive and necessary proposals, covering spectrum of vital issues, which we, the American people, the true owners of the country must address ASAP, before it is too late.

We propose the adoption of the rules mentioned below, to accomplish true economic prosperity for all, political independence, liberty and justice, health, happiness, and a dignified, war and terrorist free life.

01 - Completely legalizing cannabis, removing all manmade rules and regulations and other insane obstacles out of the way of cultivating cannabis. This remarkable multi trillion-dollar plant, fully capable of producing healing medicines to cure the incurable (terminal) diseases, with no side effects. In addition to thousands of eco friendly industrial products, known to humankind, since the dawn of civilization, over twelve thousand years ago.

02 - Mandating a national law, making it compulsory to elect equal number of women and men (1 woman and 1 man) from every municipality of every state in the union, to represent all American people at local and national legislative bodies. Thus giving women and men an equal voice, and equal vote, to build a responsive, just and equitable social governing system.

03 - Enacting a national law, holding all politician's foot to the fire, compelling all elected officials to tell the truth, and keep their campaign promises, or go to jail. Limiting all elected officials terms in office to two terms retroactively, nationwide, without exception.

04 - Mandating a national law, abolishing the Electoral College, and prohibiting the use of any and all electronic, or manual voting machines. Thereby enacting the use of paper ballot as the one and only means of conducting all elections, removing the republicrat's (republicans and democrats) total monopoly over local and or national election laws and procedures. The National League of Women Voters should conduct, facilitate and supervise all elections.

05 - Enacting a national law, abolishing the illegal, unconstitutional and nonexistent individual income tax law and the sixteenth amendment, which was never ratified by two third of the states and the American people.

06 - Mandating a national law, abolishing the illegal, criminal and unconstitutional Federal Reserve cartel and fiat currency. Sanctioning the U.S. Treasury department to print value-based and debt-free U.S. currency, and no more "National Debt".

07 - Enacting a national law, mandating production and the use of pollution free and renewable Zero Point Energy, electricity producing power generators and similar devices, invented by Nicola Tesla and other inventors, accessing New Energy in safe, sustainable, and harmonious ways.

08 - Mandating a national law, prohibiting production and distribution of all genetically modified organisms (GMO) products, and encouraging organic farming, through abolishing all agricultural and farm subsidies. Prohibiting adding of Fluoride, a highly damaging chemical, into nation's drinking water supply, in addition to abolishing the criminal act of spraying the American people from high altitude (chemtrail), without people's consent.

09 - Enacting a national law, abolishing the treasonous Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act, National Defense Authorization Act, Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, plus all other similar laws enacted based on the same deceptive, treasonous and unconstitutional doctrine. Lowering the Medicare's eligibility age to one minute, thus covering all Americans from cradle to grave. Also abolishing all compulsory vaccination laws nationwide, making all vaccinations voluntary.

10 - Mandating a national law, to enforce and protect the First Amendment of U.S. Constitution; the freedom of speech rights, thus making it compulsory for all current Radio and Television station licensees to provide primetime, uninterrupted and free airtime for discussions of matters of public importance, plus local and national election campaigns, candidates and debates, in addition to full unbiased, propaganda and spin free coverage of all local and national news; in return for commercial use of our nation's airspace and land to transmit their signals for free, or lose their license. The number of broadcast licenses owned by companies and or individuals shall be limited to ONE. Also the Fairness Doctrine shall be reinstated and enforced. The FCC could only issue new broadcast licenses for radio and television broadcasters if they agree to enter into the very same binding contract with WE, THE PEOPLE, to serve the public interest.

11 - Enacting a national law, making Net Neutrality, the method of treating all traffic on the Internet as equal, the law of the land. That no telecom company, or broadband service provider, cannot control users quality access to the Internet. They cannot block, or slow down services, used over the Web. It also means all Internet service providers, whether cable, or telephone companies, cannot create separate high speed lanes for higher prices. All lanes must be the same quality and speed. The law shall provide the instrument for competing with broadband service providers, thus enabling the people to build their own hometown, or community's broadband network, if they choose to do so. All deployments of the so-called smart Wi-Fi wireless telecom infrastructure and cellular antennas shall be halted, until further public safety study. Also the current cellular antennas in operation and their health hazards on people shall be carefully investigated.

12 - Mandating a national law, prohibiting, and preventing all judges, courts, government agencies and officials, politicians, plus all local and national legislative bodies from amending, suspending, removing, or misinterpreting any and all rules and regulations enacted by the American people, through national and or local ballot initiatives and or referendums.

We, The American People, Have Spoken

We, the people, the true owners of our United States of America, are at the most volatile and dangerous juncture in our history. Each and every one of us, the people, must be alert and aware of deceptive and divisive news, events, politicians and talking heads, plus the criminal elite's false flag operations to derail our efforts.

Regardless of race, gender, heritage, creed and color, we can all agree to live our lives as good neighbors, based on the following simple, but effective principles of: Truth and Honesty.! Reason and Common Sense.! Liberty and Justice.! Goodwill and Happiness.! Love and Compassion.! We, the people must also realize divided we fall, but united, together, we stand.!

We should work together to place the above "Proposition Freedom" ballot initiatives, consisting of twelve sections on 2018 election ballot and enact them as laws of the land, and begin the process of achieving true democratic governing system, government of the people, by the people, for the people, to truly make our country land of the free for the first time in our history.

In order to place the above initiatives on all fifty state's ballots, on average it will cost five million dollars per state. Multiply that by fifty states, it is going to cost us, the people, two-hundred-fifty million dollars to free ourselves from the tyrannical shackles of the current U.S. shadowy, criminal Zionist regime.

If thirty million people, ten percent of us, each donate ten dollars, we shall have three-hundred million dollars to place our Proposition Freedom Initiatives on all fifty state's ballots in the union, by 2018 election. Plus enough money to form enlightening campaigns for informing all fellow Americans of our ballot initiative referendum.

Our responsibility as a citizen does not end by making a donation, each of us must become a freedom soldier to spread the message of hope and freedom, encourage our family, friends and neighbors to get informed and involved, so they could get their family, friends and neighbors involved as well, to work together, until the last minute of passing our Proposition Freedom Initiatives into the laws of our land.

With high hopes for better days.

Bahram Maskanian
Venus Project - Founder

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness."

United States of America - Declaration of Independence, July 4 1776

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