The Barrage of Bad News

- By Bahram Maskanian

Fear, bad news, sadness, and disappointments are the most effective marketing and selling tools. Generally any form of upsetting, soul crushing and terrorizing news, or made-up bad information is to keep people down, at each other's throats, leaving folks no time, nor any energy to think about social, political and economic issues, read and communicate with others.

Discovered thousands of years ago when the patriarchal charlatans, the political hustlers learned that terrorizing and scaring common folks of naturally occurring phenomena, such as, but not limited to: floods, earthquakes, lightning storms, volcano eruptions and alike, as the wrath of a vengeful fictional male god and his first born son evil, been used to tax and forgive the common folk’s sins, promising them a non-existing heaven up in the sky, and eternal damnation in hell deep within Earth, to those who used their own brain, common sense, and dared to confront, question and dispute the very same political hustlers, or religious mullahs, and generally the fear of unknown, works miracles.

It is no secret that the nation-less corporations criminal owners have been making trillions of dollars utilizing the very same concepts of fear and bad news. Obviously until such time that we, the people, stop listening, the nation-less corporate criminal owners will not stop the fear and terrorizing campaign, that has been working very well, ever since and still in place and working very effectively today, directly benefiting and empowering the nation-less corporation’s criminal goons picking our pockets and killing our loved ones.

From public television, to public radio and all the rest of the nation-less press and media are all pushing the same agenda of fear and bad news, all the while when they are making billions of dollars from the gullible consumers, tax-subsidies, false advertisements and crappie warmongering and criminal training television shows filled with new methods of killing and destroying all in sight.

Stop donating money to these criminal greedy goons. Boycott these bastards and do not give them any money directly, or indirectly by purchasing what they are selling in form of advertisements, or so-called products placements throughout their crappie broadcast shows.

We MUST never forget that the KEY to human species success first and foremost is our natural inclination of collaboration, cooperation, community building and maintaining, thus generating that warm loving and supportive unifying feelings that could move mountains and heal the world.

And finally, beware of the bastards who under the disguise of futuristic advisory talks and book promotions, try to scare the pants off of you by using their many baseless and newly fabricated hypotheses, to influence and alter your perception, claiming to know of what future will bring, these talking heads whomever they maybe, should be dismissed and disregarded.

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