Many Benefits of Home Schooling for Our Children, Environment and The Society At Large

Weapons of Mass Instruction John Gatto

- By Bahram Maskanian

Obviously there are many different ways of educating our children, one of which is home schooling, the subject of discussion here is about the most effective means, in terms of cost, quality and social benefits of providing first-class high quality private school education at home, at the public school costs, or even less.

Our children, students at any level need individual care, love and attention in order to be able to concentrate and learn.  Unlike private schools, public schools are built way too large, in many cases housing over 2,000 to 3,000 students, resembling prisons, or army barracks, coupled with crowded big classrooms, low-paid and under educated teachers, highly impersonal and cruel environment, causing feelings of abandonment, fear and frustration in our innocent and vulnerable children.

We can all relate to many obstacles kids have to face and deal with daily in public schools: ranging from pier pressure, the constant imposition of strenuous, often violent, harmful and humiliating bullying and hazing, idiotic cosmetic and fashion competition, never ending dimwitted popularity contest, reckless and irresponsible behavior, terrible influences of television and video games brought to school in forms of violence, drug, alcohol and tobacco abuse, consumerism, violent mind numbing sporting events celebrated as normal daily behavior, crowded classrooms, terrible school foods, harmful carcinogenic junk food and beverage spewing vending machines, appalling dumbing down curriculums and teaching methodology, awful educational policies, low-paid and unqualified teachers, and the constant sexual tension and competition between the kids are not going to be of any help to the future of our children, coupled with dangerous form of transportation back and forth trapped in the most badly designed and made death trap of the yellow school bus, and the list goes on, and on.

The question here for every parent and family is why do we allow such appalling conditions to persist?  Did we forget that our children are truly the only hope for a better sustainable future?  If instead of providing up to date high quality all encompassing futuristic education we allow our children to be trained in the arts of mediocrity and stupidity through the use of dumbing down curriculums and consumerism what would become of our society and the country at large?

In one form, or another we all have spend time in classrooms and know very well that learning is achieved at a different rate and speed for different people.  Some may learn and understand the teacher and the subject after the first time presentation, explained by the teacher and some may need to go over it more than a few times.  But the problem is that after the first and second time raising hand and asking for repeating the explanation some may be a bit apprehensive to ask for the third and the fourth time, fearing to be ridiculed and or perceived stupid.

Home schooling with the help of a content rich website on the other hand is completely free from the above problems and shortcomings and many psychological and physical health hazards. Home schooling online will only costs $1,200 per year, $100 a month, which is a tiny fraction of the most good private schools tuitions ranging from $35,000 to $50,000 per year, or more.  Besides, good private schools are hard to find, expensive, difficult to get accepted and not available in many towns and cities.

Home schooling with the help of an easy to navigate, user-friendly, content rich and secure website shall make home schooling a highly educational, entertaining and fun means of teaching and learning.  One could either through the use of our pre-recorded video, or audio course presentations of all related curriculums, or written textual curriculums, or all of the methods mentioned here together, teach and learn in an one on one bases at the convenient time of one’s choosing.

All of our registered members will be able to communicate via video conferencing with in our network with each other.  One can watch, listen and read as many time as one needs to learn, download our video, or audio podcasts and enjoy learning whenever one may find appropriate.  Use our members only secure community forum to reach out to a large network of many other home schooling teachers and home schooled students to share, exchange ideas, post questions and communicate with.

Using our online easy to learn test-creating utilities, teachers can design and administer their own tests, or take advantage of tests design by other teachers for the same grade curriculums to discover the dept of knowledge of their students on any given subject.

Our websites, servers and our entire network shall always remain a true educational environment, which means no advertisements of any kind, and completely commercial free.  Our client’s information: your information, will be kept safe and secret, and under no circumstances it will never be soled, shared, or given to any one, or company, or any organization.

We can also help our clients, if needed, with the selection of the best computers, computer monitors, printers, accessories and computer software programs in order to create the best online home schooling environment.  Currently a powerful long lasting high quality multi processor desktop computer with a 26-inch color monitor plus all the required accessories and software could cost roughly at about $5,000.  The said system if properly maintained could easily last over minimum 15 years, or more.

Below are a few more vital benefits of home schooling to our, family, community and environment.

Home schooling will cut down on environmental pollutions by reducing the use of the polluting buses and other activities such as: foods trucking and transportation, heating, electricity, unsafe cell-phone use by children, unnecessary manufacturing of carcinogenic junk foods and beverages and much more.

The 6000 year old Persian proverb - HEALTHY MIND IS IN A HEALTHY BODY -, says it all very clearly. And that is an absolute and undisputable fact, which means if we provide a healthy environment, 30 minutes a day cardiovascular exercise, good healthy foods, clean air and clean water for our children; learning becomes a highly enjoyable practice. It has been proven scientifically that every child could be a genius if the said conditions are met. Home schooling is far more relaxing and conducive to learning and it will allow our children to enjoy having healthy homemade foods, snacking on fruits and vegetables while studying. Saving our children’s mind and body from the harmful carcinogenic mass-produced vending machine rubbish, beverages and fast foods is the only way to protect them and ensure a great prosperous future for them and for the whole world.

I leave you with one other absolute proven fact; scientifically and psychologically 1000s of kids in the past couple of decades, from all over the world, have been tested and examined for their learning ability and high intellectual potentials and the results are truly astonishing, simply put; it is now proven, that no matter where the child is born on Planet Earth, as so long as she / he is breast fed, followed by a healthy none carcinogenic foods, clean water, clean air and appropriate amount of love and attention, every child can grow up to be a genius. And if we add to this equation a good futuristic curriculum in no time we will transform our world into a heavenly utopian one.

All and all, home schooling is the one and only way for many of us, the ordinary American people to provide a first-class high quality private school education at home, at the public school costs, or even less and guarantee the well being and a future of our children. - An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure. Preventive health care begins at home and so does the preventive, effective and futuristic education.

We are seeking financial, material support and volunteer work to jump-start our work and mission. Your tax-deductible donations of funds, goods and services will be greatly appreciated and will be listed on the - Contributors List - page at our website for all to see, unless to ask not to be listed there.

In conclusion I would like to invite all of those who do care and wish to help to join us. We need experienced and qualified teachers in every field, fund raising specialist and concerned parents to consider joining us and together lets make the idea of online home private schooling a welcoming reality for our children.

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