Nation-less Corporations, OR Cooperative Organization

- By Bahram Maskanian

Nation-less corporate life style, driven by corporate employment is a harsh modern form of slavery. You maybe wondering why do I refer to them as nation-less corporations and not by any of the deceptive euphemistic terms used by the nation-less owned press and media, such as: conglomerate, or global, or multi-nationals. Well, its simple, everyone who has not been living under a rock should know that the nation-less corporations have no loyalty to any nation anywhere, not even the host, planet Earth, where these evil, criminal, parasitic elites are exploiting even Mother Earth to the point of human extinction.

Millions of people are under the impression that they have no other choices, but to wakeup at early hours of the day: 5.30, or 6:AM, by the annoying sound of an alarm clock, leap out of bed, force feed, shit, shave, shower, brush teeth, comb hair, apply cancer causing cosmetics, and get into their death trap of a car, fight bumper to bumper traffic, breathing the deadly exhaust fumes for a couple of hours, each way and make it back home, exhausted, at around 7, or 8:PM every night, in order to travel to a nation-less corporate office and make a hand full of criminal elites tons of money and must be appreciative for the chance to kiss ass, work hard, in constant fear of loosing their jobs, in a dehumanizing environment, each and every day, until they either have heart attack and drop dead on a Monday morning, or be out of work after decades of service and watch in complete disbelief, the nation-less corporate goons replacing them with computers and machines, or finding people elsewhere, willing to do what they do, lot cheaper, in return for slave wages, in China, or India, or South America, etc.

These folks will be surprise to learn how easy it is to find talented individuals in their own community and form a cooperative organization, owned and operated by the employees, enriching and benefiting everyone equally, plus the community and the country as a whole. Forming a cooperative organization to do what you do for your own community will help to grow your own local economy, ensuring your jobs security and stops jobs exports to any other country.

Business opportunity such as, but not limited to: cooperative organic farms, cooperative insurance, cooperative press and media, cooperative restaurant, cooperative health clinic, cooperative construction, cooperative bakery, cooperative law office, cooperative bank, cooperative credit union, cooperative radio station, cooperative TV station, cooperative recycling facility, etc.

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