An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure - the much causation of violent outbursts

- By Bahram Maskanian

What a practical and highly meaningful phrase, lets say it one more time: “An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure”.   The principles of prevention are applicable to all aspects of our lives: health, private life, social issues, politics, economics, foreign policy, environment and everything else in between. 

Crucial factors in implementing preventive solutions, which will determine their effectiveness, has to do with the nature of the problems, whether, or not if the problems are caused by sheer ignorance, or by design.  The second factor has to do with whether, or not there is open-mind and willingness on the part of the participants to let go of their indoctrinated ways, and are open to learn and evolve out of the indoctrination, willing to receive common sense education of dealing with any particular problems and prevent its reoccurrence in the future.

Since 1913, the United States population has been at the mercy of a few criminal evil families whose only goal is to keep people at each other’s throat.  Governments all over the world are governments of the nation-less corporations, by the nation-less corporations, for the nation-less corporations.  These evil bastards will attack their own people, through false flag operations, take their own nation to war, murdering innocent women and children to make more money, gain more control, covering up their own track and crimes.

Where all social, environmental, political and economic problems are deliberate construct of the criminal elites in charge, people themselves must implement the principles of prevention at the grass root level, without any expectations of help from any branch of government, local or federal.

Now, lets examine the effects of violence, alcohol, foods and drinks made from genetically modified organisms, coupled with the rampant use of mind-altering pharmaceutical drugs, prescribed to our children at the school, gangster rap, violent video games, violent news, violent sports, violent cartoons, violent TV programs, violent Hollywood movies, violent bullying and hazing behavior tolerated and unpunished by the educational system.

To make matters worse is the criminal act of what is known as Chemtrail, where U.S. government sprays people with all kinds of carcinogenic, mind-altering chemicals, newly engineered and developed viruses and bacteria at all hours of day and night, documented and confirmed by many sources.

Why would the government of the nation-less corporations, by the nation-less corporations, for the nation-less corporations would do such things? The answer is Eugenics!

Eugenics was first established and funded by the Carnegie Institute of Washington, Department of Eugenics and Rockefeller, in 1904, located at Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island New York. Eugenics is the criminal elite’s invention and practice of deciding who could breed and who should not. Sterilization of women and men has been the preferred method of achieving their hideous goals, which was done to thousands of colored prisoners and Army soldiers beginning in 1905. But that method is time consuming, expensive and obvious, leaving a trail of evidence on its path.

During War World One: 1914 - 1918, for the first time in modern history chemical weapons were used on a large-scale using aerial bombardment by airplanes instantly murdering thousands of people. The criminal elite whom started the war and financed it quickly learned the promising future of airplane, as we see today evolving in to unman vehicles and drones.

Since 1932, the whistle-blowers have revealed and reported that the U.S. government has been experimenting using U.S. citizens as lab rats. U.S. government agencies, such as U.S. Department of Agriculture, Homeland Security, Department of Defense, and many others, have over 32 times covertly aerial sprayed U.S. population. All of these reports were confirmed and admitted by various government officials and agencies.

The key word here is covert operation that went bust. No one knows exactly how many aerial spraying has been done, and is in progress on a daily bases. Look up in the sky and if you see a white trail of smoke in the air, you’ll know, that you are been sprayed.

Also one should take into account the mother’s womb, and mother’s living environment, diet, health and all other habits while pregnant with a child, where the child is nourished and grow for the first 9 months of her / his life, are the first vital factors.

Under the said conditions mentioned, implementation of prevention principles will only be possible at the grass root level.  Preventing our young minds from consuming and falling victims to all the above, and stay clear from their inevitable harmful and deadly hazards is the responsibility of their immediate family and the community in which they live.

Scientists have concluded that young peoples’ brain reach complete growth and maturity in terms of their brain faculties and cognitive process, at around 26 years of age, provided if they enjoyed having a healthy life, diet, caring and loving parents and environment, as they were growing up.  However, those adolescence who were deprived from having a healthy, loving environment and diet, exposed to all the violence numerated are most likely to pickup drinking alcohol, abusing drugs, eating unhealthy foods, unhealthy sleeping habits, which will make them highly susceptible to violent behavior and much more.

Life is a harsh training camp, particularly for the young and inexperienced minds.  Those whom are not equipped with the adequate amount of information and knowledge of how they should navigate their way through life are undoubtedly bound to fail.  This failure could manifest itself through violent outbursts, taking revenge on the rest of the society.  Person in such state of mind will find their weapon of choice regardless of what the gun laws permit, or prohibit.

In conclusion we learn that guns have nothing to do with the causation of such violent outbursts. Politicians use any excuse to disarm the population to gain more control over the people. Keep in mind that if the government and its forces are armed and allowed to have weapons with high-capacity ammunition magazines, so should we, the people, or we would not be able to defend ourselves.

I have nothing against background checks of weapon buyers, if it stays as a background check only, and not a citizens weapon registration tool, containing information regarding the types of weapons one own and where one live. So the government would have a comprehensive database, list of names and locations of citizens whom are armed and those whom are not!


Airplane Pilots Spraying Carcinogenic Mind-altering Chemicals, or Newly Developed Viruses and Bacteria Over U.S. Population

TOP SECRET Mission - Chemtrail Pilots SPRAYING BLOOD Cause Face to Face Near Mid-Air Collisions!!!

Chemtrails - Fully Exposed

Published on Feb 3, 2013

A small edition to the "Fully Exposed" family. Many more to come. From the people that brought you sandy hook fully exposed.  Search "What In The World Are They Spraying?" if you would like a full in depth look at the issue.

Airplane Pilots Spraying Deadly Chemicals Over U.S. Population

Airplane Pilots Spraying Deadly Chemicals Over U.S. Population

Airplane Pilots Spraying Deadly Chemicals Over U.S. Population

Airplane Pilots Spraying Deadly Chemicals Over U.S. Population

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