The Future Iran / Persia,

A Secular, Democratic And Mullah Free Iran

Iranian / Persian people have suffered a great deal, particularly in the past 100 years since 1905, which marks the discovery of vast oil and natural gas fields in Iran and the Persian Gulf. The Iranian / Persian people experienced one political turmoil, after another, ever since. Families ruined, countless lives lost and the newly found liberty and democracy of 1953 deliberately destroyed by the British and the American governments, sacrificing the Iranian / Persian peoples’ welfare, lives and national sovereignty for the financial gain and economic benefits of a few criminal American and European nation-less oil companies.

Since the tragic Islamic coup d'état of 1979 in Iran, and soon after followed by 8 years of U.S. ignited and supported Iraq Iran war, embraced and deliberately prolonged by the mullahs to crush and murder the Iranian democracy activists, Iranian people have been terrorized, jailed, tortured, robbed, raped and murdered by the criminal ruling mullahs and their goons.

The very same terrorist mullahs who according to the United States government recent report published by the New York Times on March 06, 2010, titled: -- U.S. Enriches Companies Defying Its Policy on Iran -- are partners in crime with over one hundred nation-less corporations involved in plundering Iranian peoples’ treasury and imposing terrorizing oppression for the past 31 years, since 1979. This same report also indicates hundreds of Billions of dollars worth of financial support given by the United States government to the very same nation-less corporations. - Also worth mentioning that on March 8, 2010, the New York Times published the following report: -- For Iran, Enriching Uranium Only Gets Easier -- By WILLIAM J. BROAD, another eye opening report outlining the huge progress made by the mullahs in advancing their enrichment programs.

Today, in the era of President Obama's YES WE CAN, we cannot continue with the same hypocritical and criminal policy of greed and destruction. Regardless of one’s political affiliations and beliefs it is absolutely unconscionable to turn our backs on the Iranian people in such crucial and difficult times while they are sacrificing their lives and blood, and completely ignore their repeated calls for liberty and democracy, their peaceful demonstrations for human rights, freedom and democratic rule of law, and continue regurgitating the same miss guided nonsense about the nuclear development in Iran as the focal point of our discussion and policy as it has been done in the past couple of decades. I do hope that we all have already learned by now that there are no democracy inspiring and inducing weapons, bombs and bullets.

Sunshine is the best disinfectant. The best way to eradicate evil is to shine a spotlight on it, revealing their immoral activities, long enough that the mullahs would have no place to go and nowhere to hide, but in jail, behind bars.

Our first urgent Project is to produce a long over due documentary film titled: “The untold true story of the 1979 Islamic coup d'état in Iran”, an informative and revealing documentary film, casting a light on a few vital political and historic facts kept hidden from the whole world, particularly from the Iranian people. The said documentary film shall reveal many factual evidences concerning the criminal mullahs lack of legitimacy, revealing mullah’s treasonous secret dealings, connections and conducts, regarding the notorious Islamic coup d'état of 1979, followed by 31 years of plunder, rape, murder, and terrorizing oppression.

The historic and political awareness brought to bear by the said documentary film could potentially shatter the already fractured tyrannical pillars of the mullah’s criminal regime and topple the entire Islamic Republic of Mullahs in Iran. Offering a historic chance to the Iranian people, to elect anew and replace the mullahs with a secular democratic alternative government, by means of national referendum.

The whole world have already witnessed the Iranian peoples’ resolve, courage, peaceful and nonviolent will, illustrated in the demonstrations across the cities and streets of Iran that Iranian people are fully capable of demanding and instituting meaningful democratic reforms.

"A pen is mightier than a soared". - Said Hafez, the Persian philosopher and poet.
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