Loving & Nurturing Orphaned & Abandoned Children

- By Bahram Maskanian

I am an advocate of reason, common sense principles and ethical standards. - One of my highest priority goals and dreams has always been to replace the deplorable orphanage houses, with loving and nurturing homes.  To build a residential art and educational village, surrounded by open green fields of an organic farm, home for adopting the forgotten little angels, to love, care for, nurture and educate our orphaned and abandoned vulnerable children.  Called: The Venus Project Village.

I have always adored and loved children, all children.  No matter the race, color, or creed. Whenever I come across little angels, I truly feel that they are all my children.  I am sure we can all agree that our angels’ well-being and welfare is our highest and most important responsibility.  They need our love, care, attention and good healthy foods, clean water, clean air and happy loving upbringing, deserved by our children.  Which are life’s basic and essential elements for raising healthy, smart, caring, well-balanced, creative, productive and loving children.  The next generation of tomorrow who are destined to inherent Planet Earth.

I strongly believe that our lives’ objective as human species is to learn, evolve and grow wiser.  The first task is learning how to improve our social, political and economic conditions, and relations with one another.  Meeting this goal requires a paradigm shift, a fundamental change in our approach to childcare, children upbringing and education. Which means we, the people, need to develop a new all-inclusive social motherhood to ensure full development of every child and individual, to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

"What we need in the United States is not division; what we need in the United States is not hatred, what we need in the United States is not violence or lawlessness, but love and wisdom, and compassion toward one another, and a feeling of justice towards those who still suffer within our country, whether they be white or black." -- Robert F. Kennedy, 1968

Community, Cooperation and Compassion:
A healthy, harmonious community and society is built upon solid foundations of mutual respect, cooperation, compassion, love, common sense principles and ethical standards.

A community with the said characteristics preserves and protects public good and safety.  Strength of community and its unifying powers scares those who wish to influence, control and mislead our communities to protect their own ill-gotten reins and political powers.  Thus they would do all it takes to divide and conquer the public, fracture and destroy communities in order to preserve their political and economic dominance.

The broken scattered peaces of destroyed communities are single mothers, orphaned and abandoned children, ignorant and illiterate teenagers, teenage thugs and rampant life of crime, drugs, narcotics, tobacco and alcohol abuse.  We must wakeup now, to stop our communities from braking up and lend a hand to mend the broken ones.  We must be alert at all times to guard, protect and preserve our respective communities and societies.

Drugs, Narcotics, Tobacco and Alcohol:
The evil nation-less corporations have successfully concealed the fact that the key to a healthy, happy and prosperous life; is a life without crime, drugs, narcotics, tobacco and alcohol.  The absolute fact is that these deadly products are tools of oppression made to destroy our brain and physically change our body’s biochemistry, transforming us to a raving stupid baboon.

The mass nation-less corporate media feeds on this by releasing movies and many other programs celebrating and promoting crime, drugs, narcotics, tobacco and alcohol abuse, countless times each day, to keep the public hooked and numb public’s mind, lowering folks’ mental ability, causing cognitive impairment, which is the desired foggy mental condition, for maintaining unclear and indecisive character and personality within the general public.  In other words deliberately rendering the masses addicted, hopeless, helpless and keeping the population down and on a tight leash.  Countless children are orphaned, or abandoned by parents lost to the life of crime, drugs, narcotics, tobacco and alcohol abuse.

It Takes A Village To Raise A Child:
There is absolutely no doubt, that indeed it does take a village to raise healthy children.  We are hard wired for needing to belong and be a part of a community larger than our immediate family.  Our species would not have survived, had it not been for our strong sense of community building and belonging to one.  Next to food, air and water, community is the fourth essential element for preserving and protecting the humanity and our future.

The orphaned and abandoned vulnerable children must be given reason to belong, to love and to hope.  Precisely the reason why I want to create a loving and nurturing environment conducive to stimulating, reenergizing and rejuvenating the young innocent minds and souls of our little angels, our children.  Raising orphaned and abandoned children of today into healthy, smart, caring, loving, creative and responsible adolescents of tomorrow fully aware of their potential and the world around them.  Fully prepared to take charge and except responsibility for their families, communities and the environment in which we all live.

Feelings of Abandonment and Alienation:
Most of us have already experienced the very difficult feelings of abandonment and alienation, in one form, or another.  In the absence of a family and community the feelings of fear and alienation encourages us to look for safety in the closest form of family and community we can find, to belong, feel part of a family and feel safe.  Often times for obvious reasons the criminal and destructive behavior of the said family is overlooked and in time the abandoned vulnerable children are desensitized and grown to accept the criminal behavior as normal day-by-day events.

Life of crime is and has always been a social conditioning, not a biological makeup of any child, an undeniable fact.

The Evaporating Middle Class:
The backbone of a strong and healthy community is the working middle class.  But due to criminal and greedy conduct of a very small and shortsighted group, the upward mobility in our society has been crushed and stopped dead at its tracks.  The middle class have been lied to and made to believe that it is actually their fault that their pension and life savings has been stolen by the Wall Street goons, or the business they worked hard to build, now exported overseas, enriching others elsewhere, was a good decision for the economy.  But for whose economy???  And that downward mobility and losing all you had is what you deserve, nothing personal, that is just business!!!

Pull Yourself Up By Your Own Bootstraps:
The very same millions of middle class folks who have been robbed of their social, economic and political powers are constantly told: “you must pull yourself up by your own bootstraps”.  But since our bootstraps are no longer controlled by us. There are no bootstraps, nothing there to pull ourselves upwards with.

Also due to the said conditions, the supportive caring family and community some of us were lucky enough to experience, our grandparents day, our safe loving village, our open door and safe neighborhoods, where people knew and supported each other, where they shared each others joys and sorrows, good times and bad times, in many places is now non-existence.

Under relentless economic pressure, moving downwards, as the prices of essential goods are moving upwards to enrich the already supper-rich greedy billionaires even richer.  Causing huge economic disparity and rampant poverty, targeting our innocent vulnerable children.

Our community and society at large are under constant attack by the media trying to divide and conquer the ranks of the middle class.  We are kept at each others' throat, busy fighting each other, therefore there would be no time and energy left to turn our attention to where the problems lies.

Outsourcing and the New Jobs Added:
The criminal greedy billionaires have accelerated the rate of plunder of the Divided States of America immensely, since: Ronald Regan-1980.

Behind every great billion dollar fortune, lies a great on going unreported and unpunished crime, coupled with a great deal of pain and sorrow, inflicted upon the working people.

The so-called new better jobs added to U.S. economy are few and far in between, at the bottom of the economic scale. Meanwhile after the economic depression of 2008, caused by the very same criminal elites, after plundering the nations treasury and given everybody the finger, they continue to receive billions of dollars in bonuses and benefits, doing what they have been doing best; robbing the nation, among others, through outsourcing of work and innovative technologies to other countries that have big enough economy to stand on their own, without any help from U.S. taxpayers dollars. Handed over to the criminal greedy billionaires in grants and tax credits to move industries overseas, reassemble the factories there and take advantage of their barbaric slave labor condition.

Divided nation, is a defeated nation, by the hands of its enemies, from with in.

Billionaires Publicity Stunt:
Yes, the criminal and greedy billionaire monarchy do on occasion give a tiny fraction of their vast ill-gotten billions, perhaps a few thousand dollars to cancer research and the arts. But also they pour millions into political scheme to keep the average workers from having a voice and getting a fair share, robbing working people from their pensions and their rights, such as: the right to organize and collective bargaining.

I have always believed that greed and greedy people are shortsighted and stupid. Here is a good example: billionaire monarchy changing the laws that protect clean water and clean air, to pollute freely, with no consequence to their ill-gotten billions, to make more billions by slaughtering our one and only home, planet Earth. Consequently, as the result of their greedy stupid actions, global warming is worsening and tons of cancer causing pollution and pathogens are released into our air and water, all over the world, contaminating our one and only home, Planet Earth. But they are creating a couple of showpiece jobs for the cancer research people.

The criminal and greedy billionaires are going to spend millions more in every election, to support the prostitute politicians who will take billionaires written policies and present them as his / her own patriotic policies of either the republicans and or democrats. Silencing the opposition voices, and ensuring the gap between billionaire monarchy and working folks grows ever wider.

Nation-Less Corporate Child Molestation:
The first victims of these economic and political assaults are the most important, but highly vulnerable population in our communities, our children.  Guided by the product marketers and advertisers in the mass media to become the next generations of stupid consumers. While our children are encouraged and pushed to view and perceive life of horrifying crime as a revered alternative to a dignified life that they all deserve.

Glorified Violence and Dehumanization of Women:
Glamorized assassins and murders, criminal gangs and gangsters, celebrating life of crime, drugs, narcotics, alcohol and tobacco abuse, along with mind-numbing, thuggish violent and highly misogynist gangster rap crap, constant dehumanization of women, preaching physical abuse: beating, rape and murder of women, referring to women as bitches and whores.  Constantly offering our children new violent glorified ways of raping, robbing, murdering and terrorizing the community and the society for power and financial gains.

The innocent, vulnerable and highly impressionable members of our community, our children are easily influenced negatively by watching movies and listening to these rap crap every day on television.  TV programs perpetrating and spreading hate, sexism, narcissism, fear, violence, murder and warmongering.  Our children see and witness those responsible: producers, directors, writers, actors and corporate movie production studios receiving awards and multi million dollars in income and compensation, going to bank rich, happy with a big smile on their faces, while due to their work, our entire social, economic and political infrastructure is crumbling and falling apart.

Now lets think about this for a minute, should these deliberately planned, orchestrated, destructive entertainment and activities, be called and classified as entertainment, or perhaps we choose the honest adjective and called it what it really is, terrorism?

Definition of Terrorism:
Terrorism is the deliberate act of terrorizing and deceiving the public through the use of any and all underhanded and criminal means to obtain unjust control of the political, economic, territorial and social powers of any given community / society. - Terrorism is the deliberate act of dismantling democratic rule of law, forcing the people to submission through the use of brutal violence, fear tactics, intimidation, rape and murder, terrorizing the defenseless civilian population; in the pursuit of unjust and criminal political, territorial and financial gains. - Terrorism is the clear sign and indication of the bankrupt character of a baseless and unjust political, economic, and social dogma of the terrorist perpetrators.

We Pay Now, Or We Pay Much, Much More Later:
We, the taxpayers are paying on average over $50,000 per prisoner, per year.  Many folks are surprise to hear that lots of nation’s so called: correctional facilities are now owned and operated by the Wall Street owned nation-less corporations. - Obviously it is in the best interest of these nation-less prison corporations to incarcerate more prisoners to make more profit for the nation-less Wall Street goons. - Even after so many years, I still have problem believing the stupid corrupt and greedy politicians gave away the nations prisons to bunch of evil nation-less corporations.  So you see, one way, or another, we are going to pay for our orphaned and abandoned children.  But it would be far more beneficial for our society at large and for our communities to pay to take good care of our orphaned and abandoned children now, before its to late, which would cost tiny fraction of $50,000 per year.  Hopefully one day soon close all prisons and in their place build schools and organic farms.

We must keep in mind that these nation-less corporate goons are always in pursuit of profit at any cost.  Which means they would do all they can to keep the prison population as high as it is possible. They have been building more prisons in the past 15 years than schools and colleges.  Nation-less corporate goons have access to many other divisions of their vast nation-less empire, such as: destructive entertainment, violent POP, HIP-HOP, RAP crap, movie studios, television and radio, alcoholic drinks, distilleries, tobacco, carbonated sodas, weapon manufacturers, carcinogenic foods, and in general constantly propagating and promoting a confrontational and violent way of life, etc. - They are using all of their vast tools to make sure we are constantly at each others' throats, thus keeping all of their prisons and hospitals full of ignorant participants and victims of their terrorist and terrorizing activities.

Art and Entertainment:
Well when you think about it, the phrase: Art and Entertainment does not really mean what it supposed to.  Depending on one's taste and preferences, not all forms of entertainment may be the right kind for the inquisitive mind.  There are lots of activities now days that fall into entertainment category.  Ranging from the stupid Bubble-Gum POP and RAP crap noises, to the ultimate warmongering, bloody, violent murder filled, complete waste of time crap, full of random images of violent murder and mind-numbing noises, are also sadly categorized as Art and Entertainment.

We are living in the era of lost causes and meaningless Art and Entertainment.  As so long as there are some random images moving about on the screen, coupled with some loud mind-numbing noises to fill in the time between commercials, until the next nauseating, deceptive and misleading advertizing message comes on.  I know what you are thinking, that is not Art and Entertainment, rather… I could think of and suggest a few alternative adjectives, to describe the large majority of what is called art and entertainment these days.

Unlike an engineer, or a doctor who must have a certain level of education, training and qualifications to qualify for working in their field, artists don't.  Talentless hacks whose only talent is defecating, or urinating, or both on a canvas, or glue other animals feces on the canvas, or nail a couple of soup cans to the wall, or simply buy a box of crayons and draw a few idiotic lines on a canvas, or become an actor, or bullshit artist are celebrated and called artists by the stupid people.  And the dumber the so-called artist the more popular they become.  But artist adjective is not enough for these conceited, egotistic morons.  They started calling themselves star, they soon became super-star, still not important enough, therefore they bestow upon themselves the mega-star adjective.  Stay tuned.  I hear the next one is going to be huge.  Keep in mind that Sun is a star, but compare to these morons Sun is not bright enough.

The Art and Entertainment, of the stupid people, by the stupid people, for the stupid people.

Cultural Degradation:
The highly celebrated and glorified culture of violence, deliberate ignorance, mediocrity, stupidity and apathy has reached its heist peak in the past decades, or so. - Jackasses and morons are receiving awards, high recognition and ton of money for proudly showing the whole world how stupid America has become. People actually go to movie theaters and pay good money to watch these collections of random imbecilities and noises.

This is at the time where more than ever before in our short and highly destructive patriarchal recorded history, where we require more intelligence and intellectual ability and powers to deal with Earth's many human caused problems, such as: over population, many environmental devastations and criminal madmen dictators, such as the Islamic Republic of mullahs in Iran in pursuit of atomic weapons!!!

Definition of Stupidity:
Stupidity is to continue doing the same task over and over again and expect different results each time.  Stupid, moron, idiot, imbecile, retarded, or a dumby does what stupid sees.  Stupid would never see what is, rather what he thinks should be. Stupidity is to be proud of not knowing.  Stupidity is willful ignorance.  Stupidity is the learned corruption of leaning.  Stupidity is the false confidence of knowing all there is to know. Stupidity is boasting to be a moron.

“The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits”.
-- Albert Einstein

The choice is a simple one. - On our current path, we are destined to self-destruct. - To stop the American demise, it is incumbent upon us to stop celebrating and worshiping at the altar of ignorance, violence, apathy, mediocrity and stupidity, to save ourselves, thus save the nation and the world from the deadly outbreak of jackasses and proud morons. American greatness is due to its genius, not its stupidity.

Stupidity is Everywhere:
Stupidity knows no limits. Stupidity unimpeded, spreads in all levels of the society very quickly.  Stupidity has already spread far and wide, among all social classes in the United States of America.  Among the working middle class, poor and the conceited intellectual morons, the greedy small-minded, dim-witted, egotistic elites, and the stupid, shortsighted, narcissistic, greedy and criminal bankers, the nation-less corporate media / press and the nation’s politicians, they are everywhere, spreading at an alarming and dangerous rate.

As the caring members of our society, we must help to stop the spread of stupidity, and awaken our fellow citizens; to become aware of this wide spread and threatening reality. We must first learn the simple fact that money speaks. Every single day we vote with the choices we make, and with our money. Money is the paper ballot we use to vote for and approve of a service, product, personality, or an idea. We must learn and share what the definition of boycott is with others. And boycott the stupid idiotic services, products, personalities, and ideas. Shortly thereafter, the stupid moronic services, products, personalities and ideas shall all disappear, making room for the growth of smart viable ones.

Definition of Boycott:
Boycott, is an inherent right of the public to come together in unity abstaining from buying, using and or dealing with criminal merchants of stupidity, greed and perpetrators of destructive environmental, social, economic and political practices, currently plaguing the whole of humanity. - Boycott is an instrument of gaining political grounds and objectives. - Boycott is an expression of peaceful and constructive means of nonviolent protest to peacefully correct and replace the stupid and destructive environmental, social, economic and political practices with wide-range of all encompassing and prosperous smart policies and procedures.

Cognitive Abilities and Mental Capacity:
All children are born equipped with the same cognitive powers, mental abilities and capacities, regardless of the child's geographical area, race, color and creed. Provided of course if the child has had smart caring and loving parents. Particularly a smart healthy mother with a healthy diet, free from: alcohol, tobacco, drugs, artificial food additives and artificial sweeteners, coffee, carbonated sodas, bottled water, toxic cosmetics, cell-phones, microwave ovens, all products containing high fructose corn syrup, peanut products and all other forms of narcotics. A mother with the said characteristics who breast-fed her child at least for a period of 6 months, and lived in a healthy environment enjoying clean air, clean water and seasonal, local, healthy and preferably organic foods while pregnant and breast-feeding.

Absolute Fact About Stupidity:
Unlike the popular belief, stupidity is not an inherent attribute, rather caused by social and environmental conditioning. - Stupidity was perceived to be hereditary, caused by genetic.  But we now know that is not the case at all.  Given good organic healthy foods, adequate amount of love and attention, along with good enlightening education and daily exercise to any child, anywhere in the world, and you shall have a genius.

Religion and Its Hereditary Ignorance, Violence, Mediocrity & Stupidity:
The 3 barbaric, Abrahamic, Adam and Eve based, misogynist, manmade, patriarchal religions: Judaism and its 2 derivatives: Christianity and Islam are, and have always been the agents and promoter of ignorance, hate, fear, violence, rape, murder, plunder, mediocrity and stupidity.  Furthermore, the barbaric 3 are also guilty of millions of people slaughtered and nations of innocent people massacred throughout the patriarchal history in the past 4,000 years until present time.  Claiming to know about, and of all there is to know.  Offering the ignorant gullible folks, or the brainwashed fearful and faithful, the so-called promised heaven after death.  An eternal utopian life, up in the sky, where one could look up with a telescope and see for oneself if there ever was one?  But to get to heaven you must be dead first?  Why doesn’t anybody ask the barbaric, pedophile 3 religious’ mullahs, if it is so, and there is a heaven to be had, so glorious, why these 3 religious’ pedophile mullahs are fighting so fiercely to have an utopian King-like life here on Earth?  Why try so hard to keep out of harms way to stay alive and not wanting to go to the heaven they are promising to the rest of us?  Why are they sacrificing others to die for their criminal plundering causes, and become so-called: “martyrs” and go to heaven?  If heaven does exist, and it is as good as they say it is, why aren’t all of the criminal 3 barbaric religious’ mullahs in a hurry to die and get there?  And leave us behind, alone here on Earth in peace for a change. - And that is the irony. - Word to gullible folks, fearful of religion, please read your religious manuals and learn the truth.

"Those who can make you believe religious absurdities, can make you commit atrocities." -- Voltaire

Immediate Need For Reform:
Reform begins with oneself. To remedy our problems we need to begin recognizing the sources, damages done and our responsibilities as members of our community and society at large, and act appropriately.  The few factual reasons mentioned in this article are what we should take into consideration for getting involved, to contribute and do what we can, to share the common responsibilities for building a better tomorrow and a better future for our children. The time is truly now!

"Evil shall triumph only when good people do nothing to stop it."

Please join me and help make the Venus Project Village a reality. Life is much easier and far more enjoyable when we are part of a network of friends and family, our neighborhood. It does indeed take a village, to work with and help the families in need to raise their children. As well as raising orphaned and abandoned vulnerable children. Helping our children weathering the storms of life.

Academic Curriculum:
Our children will be taught high-quality private school curriculum, plus: the arts, sciences, foreign languages, organic agriculture and crop rotation, the science of renewable energy, environmental conservation, forestry, food and nutrition, all aspects of civic education, the performing arts; music, musical instruments, dance, daily fitness exercise programs and sports until obtaining their high-school diplomas.

If by the time our first graduates are ready to attend college, we had not yet had the necessary funding to build the Venus Project College campus?  We shall have an office dedicated to securing scholarships for placing our children in colleges.

"Those who profess to favor freedom and yet depreciate agitation, are people who want crops without ploughing the ground; they want rain without thunder and lightning; they want the ocean without the roar of its many waters. The struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one, or it may be both. But it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand; it never has and it never will." -- Frederick Douglass

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Many samples of the elite and the mass media encouraging the simple folks to be stupid, irresponsible and even thuggish criminal for profit are all around us. The recent article: “The Gossip Machine, Churning Out Cash” published by the New York Times about the subject is a good read.

Learn more about toxic plastic and toxic cosmetics. Download this report by: - National Center for Environmental Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA - and - National Toxicology Program, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA


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