An Ounce of Prevention is Worth Tons of Cure

Child Abduction and Slavery Prevention

- By Bahram Maskanian

Naturally children are highly sociable innocent little angels. Children are very inquisitive, loving and trusting. Children are obedient by nature and lookup to adults for guidance and supervision. Children are highly vulnerable, due to the fact that if they are not properly informed and taught the necessary knowledge, they would not know what to do, if and when the time comes to protect them selves.

There are all kinds of sociopath criminals, like: kidnappers who want to have a child for themselves, or sell the child for money to others. There are pedophile child molesters. There are pimps, slave traders, and soulless murderers. - All evils done to children begins with abduction, leading to unimaginable terrorizing and horrible outcomes, such as: child molestation, child slavery, sex slaves, forced prostitution, slave labor, and premature agonizing death to sell the child's body parts.

To protect children from the above sociopaths, we must teach and train children lovingly, patiently, step-by-step, hands on and in a repeated fashion. We must always keep in mind that repeating certain vital safety points are necessary due to the fact that human brain development is almost complete when we reach the 25 years of age, which means up to that point of maturity, we should always be kind and patient guardians and teachers to get our point across.

We must be kind and never get upset if the learning speed is not what we had hoped for. Children learn at different rates, but one thing is for certain that kindness and patience goes a long way. We must always remember that until our children reach 25 years of age their brain is growing and developing still.

By treating your children with love, care and respect, you are helping them to build a healthy level of self-respect and self-esteem early on in their young lives, gaining confidence in one's own worth, and abilities.  Teach your children the high value of discipline and respect in all aspects of life. This will prevent your children from falling victim into the hands of the criminal and greedy nation-less corporate dumbing down machines, such as: POP, HIP-HOP, RAP's noises, thuggish, mind numbingly stupid, misogynous, criminal and disrespectful messages.

We must protect our children by teaching and informing them of the following simple, but vital common sense principles, listed below to avoid abduction and to keep them safe from the sociopath evildoers of this world. An ounce of prevention is worth tons of cure.


  1. Never leave young children unattended. Teach your children the buddy system. Children should never go anywhere alone. Have your child practice the buddy system described at the end of this page.

  2. Teach your children that under no circumstances, no one is allowed to touch them anywhere.  No touching.  Only immediate members of your family, whom you know about, could show affection by holding, hugging and kissing children on their, cheeks, forehead, or top of their head, and never on the mouth and lips.

  3. You must get to know your children's friends. Watch your kids carefully. Know where they are at all times. Know whom they are with at all times. Get to know their friends and their friend's family, where they live, and their telephone numbers.

  4. Teach your children to avoid people they do not know, and never trust, or go anywhere with anyone they do not know well. Explain to your children that a stranger is someone whom you and your children do not know. That strangers must be avoided at all times.

  5. Never call your children: buddy, pal, etc. Children need adult guidance, and need to lookup to an adult mother and father figure, for support, love, attention, guidance and encouragement. Call your children affectionately by their first name, or call them: "my son", or "my daughter".

  6. Teach your children their full name and your full name. Home phone number including the area code and physical address from at least two different directions. Make sure she / he understand that in case of trouble if they are close to school they should run back to school and ask any of their teachers to call home for some one to come and pick them up. - Teach her / him how to use public phones. Teach her / him help may be available by simply dialing "911", or "0".

  7. Children should not have a cell-phone. Cell-phone use causes brain cancer and many other deadly neurological disorder and diseases. It has been proven over and over again that Cell-phone use is highly carcinogenic and dangerous even for adults and much more so for children under 19 years of age. Talk to your children about it and make sure your little angels understand the many hazards of cell-phone use. If for some insane reason you feel they should have a cell-phone, encourage them to use the landline phone at home and each morning give your children their cell-phones back, and teach them how to turn it on while walking to school, turn it off while in school and back on when coming back home. Keep your children cell-phones off, the rest of the times.

  8. One of many highly dangerous distractions is the use of music listening devices like iPod, cell-phones and similar devices while walking, going somewhere out side of the house. Teach your children the importance of being alert at all times. Teach your little angels that one must be vigilant and fully aware of one’s surrounding all the time, no exception.

  9. Teach your child that adults usually do not ask children for directions. Teach your children never talk to, or go close to a driver of a car, van, or any vehicle, and if your child is asked questions such as: an address, directions, or name of a street, or town, or if she / he is told that: "you look familiar, I think I know your parents, what is your name, where do you live?", etc.

  10. Teach your children when walking home to walk on one-way streets sidewalk, against the flow of traffic. Meaning if they are walking home, or going to school walk facing the flow of the cars and against the traffic, on the far left of the sidewalk. And on two way streets always walk on the sidewalk that is facing the incoming cars, against the traffics, on the far left of the sidewalk.

  11. Teach your children the traffic and pedestrian laws: when to stop at the traffic light, on the crossroads and when to walk across, and make sure to check streets with STOP signs before walking across. Teach them to never follow others when the light is still don't walk RED, even if there are no cars, always wait for the GREEN light to walk across. Even at the GREEN light and on one-way streets, teach them to check both sides of the street, before taking the first step and walking across.

  12. If your children must use public transportation, take a train and or bus. Teach them all safety rules and tips regarding the safe use of trains and buses. See if there are parents whose children goes to the same school / destination in your neighborhood using public transport and create a five member person volunteer parent group, so each one of you could take turns, one day per week to take the kids to school and another one to bring the kids back from school.

  13. Establish a well-defined and strict routine regarding who will pick up your child from school and be diligently consistent following through everyday. - Have your children school establish a "School Call Back Program" and visitor check-in policies.

  14. Create a small laminated ID card, containing your child’s first and last name, head shot picture, your home phone number and any other additional phone numbers you can be reached with no address. Make sure the said ID card is a permanent part of her / his inner clothing any time she / he is out side of your home.

  15. I am sure most parents know what "limp noodle" child having tantrum is all about? You know, how that goes, they drop to the ground pretending that their legs don't work, or hug their knee, or shopping cart, and acting up embarrassing you in public? This behavior is a very effective means of resisting a kidnapper, coupled with Grip, Dip & Spin. Illustrated below at the bottom of this page.

  16. Kids split-second reactions are incredibly important to protect themselves. Naturally we react by "fight, or flight" when we encounter threats. Escaping from the hands of a kidnapper without "fighting, or resisting" is unrealistic. In case of trouble, teach your children to either, scream for help, run as fast as they can to a public place, or fight, by trying to stop and resisting the kidnapper, by tightly hugging a tree, or street lamp post, or a parking meter, etc.

  17. Many adults and children, who have survived violent confrontations, reported that their first reaction for a brief short moment was no action, frozen in place. Proper and repeated teaching and training would fix and turn that crucial freezing moment into a quick response, that will save your child's life.

  18. Teach your children to play Grip, Dip & Spin and train with them regularly, a very effective technique to teach children and adults how to stop and prevent abduction. That if ever come to it, children would know how to embarrass the kidnapper trying to abduct them. Replacing the thought of "maybe I should do what kidnapper is saying" with the thought of "how can I escape" mindset.

  19. Never assume that: "something like this is not going to happen to me", thinking your child will not be abducted. To achieve an effective level of preparedness, you must always act as though it could happen to stay alert and ready at all times.

  20. Establish solid communication with your children. Develop open dialogue so she / he can confide in you in case of trouble. And have pictures taken on yearly bases of your preschooler children. Pictures should be updated quarterly.

  21. Keep records of fingerprints, footprints, dental and doctor information, birthmarks and birth certificates. You should keep copies of x-rays as hospitals do not keep such records for more than a few years.

  22. Inform your baby-sitters, or friends who are caring for your children, not to let your child to go anywhere, with anyone, but you.

  23. There is safety in numbers. Caution your children not to play in deserted places.

  24. Establish a family secret code, teach your children never to go anywhere with anyone who does not know the family "Code" word. Change the code word regularly and practice with your children how they should be using the code and responding to strangers.

  25. Make sure that your child does not have her / his name on any visible place such as clothing, or backpack, or any other belongings. Kidnappers should not know your child’s name. This would make it much harder for the stranger to fool your child and be on a first name basis, establishing trust with your child.

  26. Know as much as possible about your ex-spouse and her / his friends and relatives. Pay attention to threats of stealing the child. Watch for attitude changes and or unstable behavior in your ex-spouse. Be aware of how a life-style change by you or your spouse might affect her / him.

  27. Explain to your children that if they are home alone not to open the door for anyone except previously designated persons. This includes a salesperson, or delivery person.

  28. Teach your children never to answer the telephone and tell anyone that she / he is home alone. If someone should call, instruct your children to make a prepared statement such as, "Mommy and Daddy cannot come to the phone right now... can I take a message."

  29. Beware of any adult who is showering your child with an unusual amount of attention and or presents. No one should care more about your children than you do.

  30. Be aware that a pedophile is usually a criminal adult whose sexual preference is confined to molesting youngsters. The classic pedophile preys on runaways, or children from unhappy homes. He showers the child with affection. By the time sexual activity takes peace, the child is often an uncomplaining partner and it goes unreported. Please show your child appropriate amount of love, attention and affection.

  31. Teach your children that if they are being followed, not to hide behind bushes, trees, or cars, or in dark secluded places, rather go where there are people, or to a safe house they know.

  32. Teach your children that it is appropriate to "make a scene" if she / he senses danger from an adult. Teach her / him to yell "HELP!" or "I DON'T KNOW YOU!", very loudly, screaming.

  33. Teach your children the facts of abduction early. Children must be taught many safety tips and rules as they are growing up, for their own safety sake. REMEMBER KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Abduction prevention rules must be handled simply as another surviving facts of life. Another coping mechanism and skill, all children need to learn. Children need not to be fearful of abduction; rather they need to be alert and smart.

Physical Biological and Mental Immunity:
The case study of many abducted children has clearly shown that not all kidnappers grab children and run. The large majority of these criminals actually do use fake kindness and compassion, coupled with offers of, money, candy, or other goods, or services to lure children into their trap.

We all know that as children are growing up, they develop physical biological immunity against all kinds of bacteria and diseases in their body. But there is another form of immunity children need to survive just as much, which is intelligent information to be delivered to them through patience use of love, kindness and compassion, thus allowing your children to develop her / his mental immunity and wisdom to protect themselves against the bad elements of this world.

The idiotic means of tough-love, an environment full of fear and intimidation makes children highly vulnerable and easy prey for the criminals. Unappreciated and unloved children are highly susceptible, especially if children have suffered corporal punishment. You should never, ever hit your children. Let me reemphasize that again: you should never, ever hit your children. Never threaten, or intimidate your children to discipline them, it would never work, and it will back fire. Children's bad behavior is the clear reflection of who you are, how you have been treating, raising, and what you have been feeding your children.

In the absence of wisdom and mental immunity, the emotional vulnerability and the need for being loved, make your children open and eager to seek love and attention elsewhere. Trust you me, you do not want that.

Wisdom, A Neutralizing Force:
Wisdom is the only effective neutralizing force against fear, intimidation and injustice. Wisdom is the mental training and quality of having, or the ability of learning from the accumulated experiences, knowledge, and good sound judgments of others, made based on reason, common sense principles and ethical standards. Thus developing the quality of being wise and possessing the soundness of action, and or the ability to make wise ethical decisions with regard to the application of such experiences, knowledge, and good judgments. Wisdom is a mental quality not limited by age; anyone at any age and any profession can be wise, ignorant or stupid.

Democratic Rule of Law:
The best gift any democratic society can offer its citizens is the democratic rule of law. A democratic rule of law is a system of mutually agreed rules and regulations that must be based on reason, common sense principles, ethical standards, democratic values and ideology.

We, the people, as citizens of a democratic society and country vote for, approve and recognize our democratic rule of law as regulating means of actions and behavior of the citizens, enforced by the imposition of penalties.

Our civilization, personal freedoms, safety, property, security, democracy and culture is protected and held together by the rule of law. Protection of our social safety, health, progress and democratic principles and values requires a large majority of the citizens’ support and respect for democratic rule of law.

Teach your children what is the rule of law within the boundary of your home, and outside within your community. Teach your children the democratic principles and values. Run and regulate your home based on mutual respect, love, caring relationship and patience.

The Buddy System:
The buddy system is a procedure in which two, or more people, the buddies, operate together as a team, a single unit, so that they are able to monitor with a broader vantage point of view and help to protect one another.

In risky, or dangerous situations, where the buddies are often equals, the main benefit of the system is improved safety and security, each may be able to prevent the other becoming a victim, or casualty of a criminal attempt and rescue her / his buddy in a crisis.

When buddy system is used as part of training, or the induction of newcomers to the group, the less experienced buddy learns more quickly from close and frequent contact with the experienced buddy than when operating alone.

The buddy system concept is also applicable to maximize productivity and increase learning potential in a group working and or studying together.

Healthy Mind is in a Healthy Body:
Surrounded by all kinds of pollutions these days, we should try very hard to at least make our home environment as healthy and clean as it can be for the sake of our children and our family. And please, if you are a smoker think of your little angels, your children, who need you, and stop smoking. Smoking is a very painful and gradual suicide. Alcohol and tobacco are tools of oppression and mass destruction. Alcohol is a highly effective poison used for killing all kinds of living organisms, such as, but not limited to: bacteria, germs and our precious blood and brain cells. Any time you feel the need to drink and or smoke, take a look at your little angels and think about the future of your family, think about the fact that your children's health and well-being would be at serious risk inhaling your smoke, and don’t. Please try to remember this very simple fact that healthy mind is in a healthy body and lead your family by setting good and positive example.

How to train and play Grip, Dip and Spin:

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