Why there is no public demand for New Energy?

- By Bahram Maskanian

The absolute fact is that, as so long as the large majority of the American people is kept in the dark, unaware of what New Energy is capable of and the amazing benefits of New Energy technologies, there will not be any forward trust in New Energy movement.

Twenty years ago 1995, at great personal effort and expanse, I founded the Venus Project to inform and enlighten the people regarding many critical issues hidden from public’s eyes. And since those days there were no Internet service providers, I had to buy my own SUN and SGI web and mail servers $35,000 each, switches, hubs and much more, plus $2,500 a month T1 phone line for connecting my servers and the network to the Internet for providing access to the visitors. The Venus Project is first online public forum / think tank to deconstruct, demystify and analyze many misunderstood and misleading environmental, political, economical, educational, historic, health, cultural and scientific myths and issues.

Prior to 1995, I used my industrial strength Fax machine for faxing research materials, latest scientific discoveries, my articles and my poetry to friends and those who had asked to be included in my contact list.

Since 1978 when I arrived in U.S. I had attended countless political, historic, scientific, environmental, health and cultural presentations / forums, watched numerous documentary films and read many scientific books and literature. One of many obvious messages that appears on the stage, screen and pages of these books is a severe case of narcissistic and egotistical inferiority complex behavior exhibited by most scientists.  Seems like most of the scientists and generally the so-called academia experts are expert in boring their audience to tears, unable to make science interesting and exciting for the masses to understand. (Nikola Tesla, Carl Sagan, Richard Dawkins and a few other good ones excluded)  For example: “My name is Doctor so and so… and life as we know it would claps without me..!” Someone should explain to these PhD folks, that the "Doctor" is an educational degree / title you earned in college and it is not part of your name. Therefore if you have to broadcast your college degree, simply say: my name is Bahram Maskanian and I earned my PhD in bullshit detection from the university of hard-knocks.

Furthermore, the exhibition of complete lack of dignity and integrity by these PhD folks is astonishing. We, the people, should always remember that all of the malicious science, such as, but not limited to: GMO ills, Wi-Fi, wireless, cellphone and smart meter’s deadly ionizing radiation, chemtrails evil befalling on humanity, nuclear and chemical weapons and much more mass-murdering evil science, which humanity is suffering from deeply are deliberate creation of the very same narcissistic and egotistical so-called scientists in exchange for money, murder for hire..!

It is truly a rare event to meet a scientist who is capable of giving talk that the common folks can understand and appreciate. All they have to do is to first learn modesty and be humble, sit in front of a mirror, talk, practice and remember you are not talking to another scientist, when you are in public, which means you do not need to unnecessarily make things super complicated and use all the technical PhD terms you learned in college.

PhD folks should learn about the life, brilliance, character and personality of Nikola Tesla, a giant of a human being, scientist and inventor, whose humble goal was to use his genius to enrich humanity. I humbly suggest to all of the PhD folks to admire Nikola Tesla as your idol and try to do your best and then some, to do the impossible, to be like, or better than Tesla.!

There will be a huge public demand for the release, production and distribution of New Energy devices if the American people were properly informed about the many amazing health and economic benefits of the New Energy technologies.

The Complete Archive of Nikola Tesla’s Patents

The Complete Archive of Nikola Tesla’s Patents

Nikola Tesla was one of the greatest inventors of the century. Below you will find the most complete set of Tesla’s Patents available to date. This list includes Tesla’s U.S., UK and Canadian patents.

Large majority of Tesla’s patents have already expired, which means anyone of them can be used by anyone, anywhere, who is capable of understanding the technical drawings and descriptions included in all of the Tesla’s patents and built whichever device they wish, with no fear of patent infringements laws.

Nikola Tesla patents: the USA - Click on patent’s name to download PDF version.

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