Published on Apr 30, 2015

In this last episode of Hidden Science (Series 1) we explore the hidden life of Nikola Tesla. How did he learn to visualise his incredible designs and bypass the normal engineering design procedures of drawings and blueprints? James Gordon Graham, Harry Oldfield, Ana Capone, Ian Moore and Dale Pond reveal his many secrets that turned out to be decades ahead of their time. His methodologies of learning are still not understood today, yet pushed this inventor past the boundaries of science in the 1880's allowing him to invent over 300 incredible designs such as our modern electricity AC grid system, radar, radio, x-rays, free energy devices and more. Dr. Manjir Samanta-Laughton hosts. Producer/ Director James Gordon Graham and John K Webster. Music Director Clifford White. Graphics Miki Zoric and James Gordon Graham. Executive Producer Liz Roberts.
Image of Nikola Tesla Wikicommons public domain


By Dr. Manjir Samanta-Laughton

Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton: Former medical GP turned speaker and author of Punk Science and The Genius Groove. Specialises in cutting edge science, science fo consciousness and has brought The Black Hole Principle to the 21st century.


(Source:  Youtube; http://tinyurl.com/l7agpgf)

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