Tesla, The Race to Zero Point - New, or Free Energy


Tesla, The Race to Zero Point - New, or Free Energy

Hosted by Bill Jenkins, of ABC Radio, this comprehensive documentary video features physicists and inventors, whom are challenging the supported and controlled, antiquated orthodox sciences, funded by the criminal bankers, for the high profits and benefits of their own Wall Street banking goons, at a lofty and detrimental cost to all the rest of us, the 99.99% of the people all over the world.

Physicists and inventors have been trying to develop and put these many new, clean, non-polluting technologies in use, for taking advantage of the abundant and sustainable energy sources, all around us, to be utilized for the benefits of the public, not the nation-less corporations, owned by the banks, despite: murder, death threats, assault, ridicule and suppression.

You can see the actual working prototypes featured, which defies classical physics including phenomenal experiments in anti-gravity and the transmutation of metals.

But for these inventions to become reality, we need all of us to get involved, particularly those, whom have been hopelessly tricked to be waiting and sitting on the side lines for the next Camelot politicians, to be elected and do the right thing for the people for a change, thus heal and improve our environmental and economic situation.

We must generate massive public awareness for two essential reasons, 1: to safe guard the precious lives of those whom are bringing the information and the technology to the public, and 2: to raise the necessary millions from public donations for research and development of the generators.

Marketing New Energy Home Power Generators (NEHPG) and New Energy Automobile Power Generators (NEAPG) requires massive public awareness and support. Many well-meaning brilliant scientists and inventors have lost their precious lives trying to bring the technology to the people in the absence of massive public awareness. Marketing and sell of the said devices will only be possible in the order mention.

Lets get out there to inform and enlighten our friends, family, neighbors, and generally the 99.99% of the people.

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