The Five Kilowatt E-Cat Cold Fusion Device

- By Hank Mills - Pure Energy Systems News - October 20, 2011

When the research and development phase is complete, Leonardo Corporation will offer a 5 (five) kilowatt home heating unit for sale to the general public. This unit will be capable of providing up to five kilowatts of heat -- in the form of hot water -- non stop and continually, twenty four hours a day, if needed; or it can provide less heat, governable according to the demand. It is slated to be the first cold fusion product marketed to ordinary individuals, families, and small businesses, in the history of human civilization. 

The home heating unit will require a connection to a source of input power, but will be guaranteed to produce a minimum output of six times the power consumed. In reality, the power consumption will be far lower, because the unit will operate in a self-sustained manner for extended periods of time. During self-sustained operation, the heat produced by the cold fusion reactions inside of the unit, will provide the energy needed to maintain operation of the device. In this self sustaining mode, without a need for any significant external power, the unit will continue producing up to five kilowatts of output. When external power is needed for a short period of time, on board electronic controls will draw it from the grid.

This game changing home heating unit will utilize no radioactive elements, emit zero radiation, release no pollution, and utilize only tiny quantities of fuel. Less than fifty grams of specially processed nickel powder and around one gram of hydrogen will provide enough fuel to keep the unit running for a minimum of six months. Approximately every six months, a trained and certified technician will arrive to inspect the unit, and provide re-fueling services. The re-fueling fee is yet to be determined. 

Due to the low cost of the fuel, the most significant portion of the cost will be the technician's labor. The actual cost for the nickel powder and hydrogen will be almost insignificant. 

The exact purchase price of the home heating unit has not been finalized. Every effort is being made to ensure that the up front price will be affordable. However, when an individual considers purchasing a unit he or she should not only consider the initial cost of buying the hardware. The long term energy savings the device offers should also be factored into the decision. In a short period of time -- perhaps only a year -- the unit could pay for itself.

The form factor of the five kilowatt home heating device is expected to be small and compact. It will be rectangular in shape, and should be no larger than a small outdoor central air conditioning unit. All the components of the home heating device will be contained in this rectangular box, except for a small hydrogen canister. The unit will also be quiet, produce very little sound. 

Another attractive feature of the home heating unit is the safety mechanisms it features. To begin with, it utilizes no radioactive substances, produces no nuclear waste, and even in a worst case scenario (such as a natural disaster) would not emit any radiation into the environment if damaged. Also, it features two layers of lead shielding that block the very low levels of radiation produced in the reactor cores from escaping into the environment. If built-in sensors detect any abnormalities during operation, the on board electronic control system will shut off the entire system. It is important to note that when the system is shut off, all nuclear reactions cease. If a trained expert were to open the reactor moments after shut down, no radioactivity -- whatsoever -- could be detected.

More information about the 5 kilowatt home heating unit will be posted to this page as it is obtained.

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