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Vaccines: Armed and Dangerous - Jon Rappaport from NoMoreFakeNews airs dirty secrets of the vaccine industry -- February 2012

Published on March 1, 2012

Join the Health Ranger as he interviews Jon Rappaport, co-creator of and brilliant mind behind the new course called "Vaccines: Armed and Dangerous." This astonishing program will teach you new, shocking facts about vaccines that you never could have imagined.

"Vaccines: Armed and Dangerous" teaches us what the REAL facts about vaccines are and what is actually propaganda,stories and lies. Learn more about this extraordinary collection of information from a man who has spent the last 15 to 20 years researching the truth about vaccines.

Included in this interview:

* The mythology of so-called flu fatality numbers

* True number of people harmed or killed by vaccines

* How the CDC and vaccine industry hoax the public about fictious pandemics (including swine flu) with scare tactics

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