The U.S. Mythical Trip To The Moon

- By Bahram Maskanian

The so-called U.S. putting man on the moon, or trip to the moon, is the most absurd and dimwitted misleading TV show ever produced. Full of so many obvious mistakes easily detectable proving this was just a myth, without even trying too hard.

The most indisputable reason, fact, which makes this whole endeavor impossible and a huge lie, is the existence of what is known as: “Van Allen Radiation Belt”. Even though just mentioning that major obstacle should be sufficient enough to prove the trip to the moon was a fiction, I like to go over a couple of more facts, just for giggles.!

Below are some simple common sense and scientific facts, which will prove clearly, without any doubts, whatsoever, that NASA and U.S. government deliberately deceived the American people and the people of the world, in order to create a phony prestige for boasting on the world stage and to plunder billions of dollars for space research, which obviously ended up in the pockets of the so-called mass-murderers, or defense contractors and warmongering weapon manufacturers, deceitful egotistic scientists and astronauts, nation-less corporations for supposedly building the necessary contraptions to produce the trip to the moon television show.

Some might think, wait a minute, what about the abundance of UFO visitation of planet Earth by the extraterrestrial folks from outer space in the past thousands of years, how do they get through Van Allen Radiation Belt when entering Earth atmosphere and exiting.?

The UFO spacecraft, do not fly, they levitate from point to point, capable of traveling far faster than the speed of light between galaxies, and throughout the universe, utilizing their on board “Magnetic Levitation, or Maglev Propulsion” system, which as it propels the craft it also creates a protective magnetic shield around the spaceship, protecting it from out of space harmful radiation, just like planet Earth’s gravitational force does, protecting the inhabitants of Earth. Even today we do not have such capabilities.

There has been some pictures showing geometric infrastructure, tall towers, buildings and roads, similar looking to a base on top of the moon, built by the extraterrestrial folks on the moon’s north pole, supposedly.! Those pictures were taken by telescope from various locations from planet Earth beginning from 1954 as part of a covert, highly secret operation by U.S. government, way before the fictitious moon landing. Or perhaps manufactured by NASA to lend credibility to their mythical trip to the moon.

A few major unsolvable problems for conventional travel to anywhere in out of space, which requires passing through Van Allen Radiation Belt, even today:

Van Allen Radiation Belt is a large outer radiation belt around planet Earth, generated by the highly charged solar radioactive particles and plasma released from the upper atmosphere of our star, the Sun. Extending from an altitude of about 13,000 to 60,000 kilometers, or 8,100 to 37,300 miles above and all around planet Earth's surface. No living creature from Earth using 1960’s primitive, or even today’s technologies could possibly get through the belt and survive. This highly charged radioactive emission of ionizing radiation or particles would vaporize any living creature traveling through it. In order to get to the moon over 221,567 miles, or 374,448 kilometers from planet Earth, Apollo astronauts had to pass through Van Allen Radiation Belt and would have been vaporized instantly.!

Van Allen Radiation Belt

In 1960s and even today, we do not have an adequate fuel source, or propulsion system sufficient enough to travel over 443,134 miles, or 748,896 kilometers round-trip to the moon and back. Furthermore, we did not and we do not have a protective radiation shield to travel safely through Van Allen Radiation Belt even today.

Most of us have seen the huge plume of dust and smoke when space shuttle or any rocket is fired up and shot out of the Earth’s gravitational pull, into space. If you watch the lunar landing, it is clear as day that a crane is assisting the landing of the so-called Lunar Module from the top. No dust, nothing, how could a rocket booster engine blasting at full trust descending to cushion its landing, in a sandy, dusty environment to land safely, does not make any smoke, nor raise any dust up in the air.? The very same thing is also true as the Lunar Module is shot out of moon’s gravitational pull.!

Furthermore, the tiny cone-shape Lunar Module, hardly had enough space for two men, where did they house the so-called Moon Rover, all other equipment and the fuel tanks necessary to take off from moon surface? Also it worth mentioning that traveling to the moon and back, one will be covering nearly half a million miles, which would require enormous amount of fuel. The gigantic advanced fuel tanks attached to the space shuttle can only take the shuttle out of the Earth’s atmosphere; which is about 62 miles, or (100 kilometers) straight up, and soon after all of the fuel burned up, the two fuel tanks separate and fall back onto the earth.

Another impossible aspect of this mythical trip is the direct live video images and audio transmission from moon to Earth. We all remember Neil Armstrong's infamous quote supposedly after landing: "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind". The very same video footage and pictures, the so-called hard evidence supposedly brought back by the astronauts to deceive and prove this mythical trip true, was all nothing but a load of you know what..?

We all have seen broadcast television programs coming to our TV sets from different corners of planet Earth “LIVE”. What most of us may not know however, is what would it take to make that broadcast possible.? To overcome the curvature of planet Earth, it would require a stationary satellite on Earth’s orbit, a broadcasting truck stationed at the location of the event to transmit the signal from it point of origin and a TV station equipped with satellite dish to receive and broadcast the signal to us, the viewing audience with time delay, caused by the signal traveling out of space and back. How did the so-called astronauts, while jumping up and down, or driving the moon rover, or walking around, could communicate instantaneously, nearly half a million miles away round-trip, with NASA.?


Looking at the Lunar-Rover, and examining the picture NASA claims taken from the so called Lunar-Rover on the moon and looking at footage of Lunar-Rover driving around shows the rear combustion engine. Now I am not a astronaut, or a scientist, but can someone explain to me, how in the hell a big Lunar-Rover car could drive around on the moon using rear combustion engine where there is no atmosphere, no air and no oxygen? (Combustion engine will not work without oxygen in the air) . And no, Lunar-Rover was not an electric car, because if it was, it would weigh a ton and the many batteries on board would have been clearly visible. And again, where did NASA store the Moon-Rover, which evidently is bigger than the Lunar Module itself, to be delivered to the moon.?


Moreover, anybody knows that Radiation from the Sun is a mixture of electromagnetic waves ranging from infrared, to ultraviolet rays, high-energy gamma rays and X-rays radiation, which of course includes visible light between IR and UV in the electromagnetic spectrum. Any form of new films leaving planet Earth on its way to the moon passing through Van Allen Radiation would have been completely destroyed. Even if the impossible were to be true and the 17 millimeter vector chrome photography film and video films used, were purchased from the store on the moon, on their way back going through Van Allen Radiation Belt everybody including the undeveloped films would have been destroyed.

There are so many indisputable evidences that caused many people around the world deeply distrust the whole mythical event of putting a man on the moon.! You should never say: “if we could put a man on the moon, we could achieve whatever….!” making such statements would discredit you completely. 

Below you shall find a few brief but revealing documentaries made by scientists.



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