IRAN: Following the Money - The Upcoming False Flag Operation

- By Foster Gamble


The same level of criminal barbarism already demonstrated by these murdering war-mongering elites in the past one hundred years, over and over again, will be played out in the waters of Persian Gulf. - To maximize the blood thirst effect by the American people to seek revenge and to justify the start of a long bloody millions of innocent people killed in the racket of their Word War III. - They will sink the USS Enterprise with all of its crew on board, and to make the false flag attack believable, and to raise the dead count, U.S. will also sink at least a few more U.S. warships along the side of USS Enterprise, deliberately, with their crews on board getting killed as well. - They are going to need the media’s bird’s eye view visual video reports of thousands of dead American soldiers floating on the waters of Persian Gulf.

Do not let these murderers succeed by shedding a light of truth on this vital issue!


The Criminal Elite's Secret Societies and their connections to Terrorism

- By Bahram Maskanian

The Zionist neoconservative think tanks funded by the criminal banking elites for long have decided to push U.S. into war with Iran with a prolonged campaign of False Flag operations, deceitful, false intelligence and reports by the nation-less corporate media. The latest deceitful claim is that Iran has allied itself with Al-Qaida to target the west using Iran’s non-existence nuclear weapons.

This is exactly the same strategy and rhetoric they used to trick Americans into a devastating war with Iraq. But there is a huge difference between IRAN and IRAQ. Iran has over 85 million population, which over half are college graduates between the ages of 25 to 35, coupled with a large professional military class, meaning Iran can and will fight back and hit hard. War between U.S. and Iran will undoubtedly lead to War World III, which the war mongering and war profiteering criminal elites been pushing and hoping for to occur.

False Flag operation strategy is nothing new. The criminal ruling elites throughout history have used it to prolong their tyrannical reign over their ignorant population, to start wars, plunder and murder. Even today, without exception, all of the so called international terrorist organizations are guided, armed, funded and controlled by the criminal ruling elites, through their banks and secret societies.

You might be wondering why is this? Why are these parasitic criminal elites are constantly causing all sorts of deadly and destructive events and problems? The answer is obvious, to divide and conquer, to keep all of us, the 99.99% of the people in constant fear, at each other’s throat, busy fighting and killing each other, while they are feeding on our misery, living in the lap of luxury and laughing all the way to their banks.

Throughout history it has been proven, over and over again, that sunlight is the best form of disinfectant, dealing with the parasitic elites and their secret societies. We must shed light on their criminal and greedy conducts, demanding complete transparency, through relentless, enlightening and informative education.

We must be the sunlight and the change we advocate. We must come together, unite, energize, organize and mobilize our friends, family, neighbors, and generally the 99.99% of the people, by providing enlightening and informative education regarding all vital issues we are all facing today.

Those who do not learn from their true history are doomed to repeat it.

"If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy." - U.S. President James Madison

We all must beware of the following top crime families, responsible for all evils befalling on all people, all over the world, collectively orchestrating and funding wars, murder and mayhem, through their central banks, nation-less corporations and other institutions, deliberately causing millions upon millions of deaths and unimaginable destruction all over the world, to rule and control planet Earth, exposed by Thrive documentary film. - The evil bastards are as follows: Rothschild(s), Morgan(s), Rockefeller(s), Carnegie(s), Schiff(s), Herminie(s) and Warburg(s), for centuries these criminal families have been instigating and funding wars, murder, countless fake revolutions, creating and funding terrorist organizations through their secret societies, rewriting the true history as fiction to only benefit themselves and their racketeering businesses at all costs.

Start by watching THRIVE first, and soon after begin spreading this message far and wide.

Evil shall triumph, only when good people do nothing to stop it!

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