Published by Anonymous - April 16, 2013

If the US government can pull of 911 whats a marathon???
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Two bombs have rocked the streets of Boston and reportedly injured 22 marathon runners (three have reportedly died). the worst attack on US soil since the September 11 terror atrocities The FBI are saying It's too early to know the cause of these explosions, or who was behind it.

Firstly if you're a person who thinks for themselves, than let the box in your living room do the thinking for you than you are well alert. Firstly these types of attacks happen at a certain timing, for a certain purpose. If you look out the box, you will see there is a lot of political pressure in geographical landscapes such as in the Asia and Middle East region in the last few months. The 2 main countries which are under political pressure are North Korea and Iran. The US has tried many methods to get into these countries by Mainstream coverage, such as President Obama being pressured by the Top officials who control the president in attacking these countries for the benefit of the banking System.

As the American public are well alert and wide awake especially from the last year Occupy wall st street movement and Anonymous who have been working hard into waking up the public that the problem is not over seas looking in caves for bogy men, but the actual main enemy is at home. That's why Wall st was targets as the Zionist bankers such as Rothschild, Rockerfeller, Goldman Sachs to name a few who pretty much loot American tax payers for their own conquest and profit from these wars.

As the American public are alert and more people are losing hope with the government. The Government has its ways of reminding the American public, by exploding a few bombs in public locations, to get the attention of the American people, that we have a enemy and the government is here to help. This is now the perfect opportunity for American Government to choose a target of their choice and put it in mainstream. As 2 Americans have died and 100 injured it's the biggest since 911, so a big country now can be targeted.So be vary you will see a lot of propaganda, most likely a bearded guy will be in the front news who claimed the attacks maybe a EX-CIA member with the name Tim OSman or maybe a guy who looks like Jackie Chan. You will see all sorts of media manipulations.

Dark Knight Hollywood movie, a lot of reality is coming from that movie. You maybe thinking i am following a movie I must be insane, but I be honest with you, Hollywood movies, foretell events of what is going to come, they hide the fine details without people taking much notice of them.

Sandy Hook was mentioned in Dark Knight and it happened, that was one of the biggest clues. Now last year, we known the largest sporting event 2012 or shall I say ZION Olympics meant to penetrate false flag operation,but it never happened. Now this sporting event the marathon has happened, so what this means if they don't get the job done at 1st location they have alternative key locations. So basically if plan 1 fails, its time for plan 2.

I want to reach out to you people and think hard, if American Government can pull of 911, what is a Marathon to them??

Think hard, very hard, and investigate before you believe the first thing they feed you through the television.

You have been gifted with intellect a brain, which you should use to figure stuff out, don't just nod your head to what ever they teach you through mainstream. Its a distraction from the real truth of what is taking place behind the shadow Government.

If the zionist bankers: Rothschild(s), Morgan(s), Rockefeller(s), Carnegie(s), Schiff(s), Herminie(s), Warburg(s), and the freemasons are following a timeline than be vary there will be economic collapse in the near future and many riots and deaths in the process between government and the people one of the riots will be on gun control, all the gun owners will be hunted down if they don't give up their guns, once the guns are out, the RFID chip will be introduced this will be within 10 years from now around 2023

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