The Amazing Utopian Life of Matriarchal Era

- By Bahram Maskanian

You will be shocked to learn that language, science, mathematics, chemistry, cooking, agriculture, the arts, music, philosophy, literature, dance, democracy cooperative, herbal medicine, female and male equality, and generally human culture were founded and created by the women of the matriarchal era, all through out Persia (IRAN) known as: "World's Cradle Of Civilization".! But, Persian women of the matriarchal era never created any religion.

Mithras, a Persian man invented Mithraism nearly 4,000 years ago. Semite men (Arabs and Jews of today), took Egyptian's Book of Death, add some more barbarism to it and fabricated Torah and Judaism 3,500 years ago. Semite men attached their hideous Torah to book of Mithras, rename Mithras to a mythical figure Esau, and invented today's Christianity 2,000 years ago, later on Greeks rename Esau, to Jesus. Judaism is the worst thing that ever happened to humanity.! Everyone must read the evil bible to understand why.?

All patriarchal religions are fabricated by misogynist, pedophile, woman hating criminal men, actively conducting coup d'état against the matriarchal social governing system and its utopian life, made possible by the ruling enlightened women. It took Semite men and their army of slave African men close to five hundred years to achieve their evil goals through murderous religious wars, plunder and slaughter of millions of innocent people, under the name of Jehovah, to destroy the matriarchal civilization, based on the just and fair system of "Democracy Cooperative" in Asia and North Africa, and replaced it with barbaric feudalism.!

The reason for systematic destruction and or suppression of matriarchal cultural and civilization evidences is to cover-up and hide the obvious historic facts, that people were much better off at the matriarchal era, than criminal patriarchal rule. Otherwise there would be no reason to suppress matriarchal era's historic facts. Patriarchal rulers of past and present would have simply said, that people were not better off under matriarchal rule, due to the following reasons, thereby patriarchal oppressive and brutal rule is better than the matriarchal utopian life.!

Try to imagine if the said historic facts and knowledge reach the people, that in our past matriarchal era, we were much better off than we are today, that could cause a political eruption.! People would be asking the obvious question: "would we be better off without patriarchal religions, respecting matriarchal values, instead of women hating barbarism.?" Which could cause a worldwide social uprising and revolution, greatly undermining the criminal patriarchal power of the current ruling elites.

We, the people, must understand that Semite men fabricated religions: Judaism and its two derivatives; Christianity and Islam; through promoting men to god like being, and demoting women to a subhuman, have done an enormous harm, digging a deep canyon, separating men and women all over the world. "Divide and Conquer".! More than half of any society’s population consists of women; religion has effectively silenced half of the world's population creativity, brilliance, and participation in world's affairs. Humanity has lost immeasurable amount of knowledge and opportunity for having done so.

Through countless brutal ethnic cleansing religious wars, causing total destruction of the matriarchal era's historic evidences, through plunder and or destruction of all sources of knowledge discovered, after slaughtering all men and elderly folks, all females and children were taken as property slaves, raped and auctioned off, sold to criminally minded, slave holding men.

Keep in mind that reform begins with oneself.! To achieve true peace and tranquility in life one must inform and enlighten oneself and come to terms with the three major killers of all time: Judaism, Judeo-Christian and Judeo-Islam religions, manufactured and promulgated by power hungry criminally minded men for promotion and preservation of their male gender’s self-proclaimed holier-than-thou superiority over women.

To heal the said deep division between female and male of the world, men have to let go of their sense of entitlement and superiority over women, and face the fact that without women, they wouldn't even be here in the first place. Men must let go of religion and begin to understand and accept the fact that women and men are equal. Men have to let go of their idiotic macho outlook and behavior, and treat women the same way they like to be treated; with dignity and respect.

Looking into the future; raise your children free from religion's barbaric and mythical nonsense, allow your children's mind to wonder and flourish. Teach children reason and common sense, analytical thinking, deductive reasoning, and keep children away from all religions as far as possible.

Buy enlightening books, form your own book club with your children, turn off all of your electronic devices, and go back to the basics, books, pen and paper. Who knows, maybe your daughter invent and build the zero-gravity (magnetic levitation) spaceship needed to travel to the moon, so NASA would stop faking it, and lying to the world.

We must never forget that evil religions are the main factor and pillar of support, prolonging and perpetuating the destructive rule of the women hating criminal elites.

Boycott all men and women, and companies, radio and television stations, that support and broadcast the use of derogatory names referring to women.! Insulting names such as, but not limited to: dame, broad, chick, bimbo, airhead, witch, cunt, bitch, slut, hag, whore, etc.!

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