Stop Violence Against Women!

- By Bahram Maskanian

The absolute facts are that; real men are kind, humble, brave, respectful and tough. Real men are caring and protective of women. Real men have a clear understanding of the fact that women are absolutely equal to men. Real men perceive women as equal partners, not their property.

Also another fact is that; abusive men are cowards, weak and misogynists.

All forms of brutal violence towards women are due to men's sense of superiority and entitlement, instilled in them through the patriarchal criminal religious barbarism, upbringing and social conditioning.

Precisely the reason why women are seen, and treated as liability, subhuman, slave and subservient to men, but men are seen, as assets made in the image of a manmade mythical god, fabricated and widely disseminated by Judaism and its two derivatives: Christianity and Islam religion myths and their barbaric manmade religious manuals.

The origins of every man's sense of superiority and entitlement, expecting to be furnish with the rights and claim for owning women comes directly from their immediate family first, coupled with the religious and social conditioning therein.

Why do we, the humankind, knowingly deprive our own daughters, sisters and women of the most essential and basic human dignity and equal rights?

Why almost all over the world our daughters, sisters and women are denigrated and perceived as less of a human and liability, but our sons, brothers and men, are celebrated and seen as assets?

Why do we, the humankind of the 21 Century, impose such barbaric medieval traditions on our own daughters and sons? - We even dress them apart, coloring girls in pink a passive color and boys in blue an aggressive color, thus grouping and categorizing our children in two opposing teams, pushing them down hill on the path of a never-ending social and domestic conflict.

Why do we insist and also volunteer to brainwash our children by teaching them these terrible, divisive, mythical, racist, sexist, misogynist, genocidal, murderous, slave trading and war mongering religious nonsense of the criminal and barbaric old cultural hogwash and medieval backward traditions to our daughters and sons?

Why don't we see the destructive, soul crushing cause and effect of our actions, when we deliberately sentence our daughters to a life of misery and slavery, shaming them for being a woman?

Why do we insist to impose the obligation of paying for our daughter's wedding, and or give dowry, money, or property, to a man, for becoming her life partner, as if we are unloading a rotting merchandise, our daughter, the bride, to her husband for marriage?

Why are we such blind, ignorant, merciless and savage beasts? - The savage beasts living in the jungles, that never claimed to be so-called civilized, would have never done what we do to our own children and each other every day.  Stoning women to death for being raped, or having sex, murdering women to save the honor of her family?  The stupid men would rather murder their own daughters, or sisters, or female family member to uphold a barbaric law written by bunch of criminal political hostlers thousands of years ago, than growing up and learning the truth, that women deserves a revered social position and a high respect.

Shame on all of us for allowing these atrocities to continue, each and every one of us must do what we can to dismantle and correct these criminal barbaric religious behaviors.

Why do we maintain and teach these obvious barbaric and criminal religious nonsense, these dim-witted old cultural rubbish, these medieval traditions to our own daughters and sons, setting them up for an unnatural, miserable and unhappy life of constant struggle against one another, and the fundamental obvious principles of common sense and ethical standards and the superior laws of Mother Nature?

The answer to all of the above vital questions is surprisingly a very simple one, ignorance, yes, IGNORANCE, which is the most deadly and destructive Weapon of Mass Destruction. - If we stop burning books, and start reading them with an open mind, we can easily remedy this problem and many others we, the humankind are grappling with in this day and age?

Even though we had over a few centuries of enlightening, exciting and mind opening scientific discoveries and insights, substantiating billions of years of history of life itself on planet Earth, and billions of years antiquity of our Milky Way Galaxy and the Universe, the followers of the three Abrahamic Adam and Eve based religions; Judaism and its two derivatives: Christianity and Islam have been brainwashed to believe that dinosaurs lived two by two upon Noah's Ark, that such thing as Noah and his Ark ever existed, and the first members of human species were fashioned out of dirt and the male God breath, in the God’s own image, in a garden in the sky, with a talking snake who fooled Eve to have bite of an apple thereby pissing off the male God and get thrown out of the non-existent heaven, all by the will of an invisible male God. Furthermore, - that the entire Milky Way Galaxy and the Universe was created a little less than 6,000 years ago!!!

These are incidentally, despite the overwhelming existence of many historical FACTS and EVIDENCES, that beginning over 12,000 years ago the matriarchal Persian Empire has been recognized as a peaceful advanced civilization ruled under matriarchal social governing system, governing Asia, Europe and North Africa, up to little less than 4000 years ago. - Under the matriarchal rule Persian people have developed a flourishing civilization, language, music, dance, poetry, philosophy, science, mathematics, agriculture and much more. - The Persians highly rich culture and civilization, or the World's Cradle of Civilization and Culture, was centered in Mesopotamia, the capital of Persian Empire for thousands of years, an ancient region of southwest Asia between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in today's Iraq. Mesopotamia was attacked by the Islamic savages and destroyed little over 1300 years ago. Soon after the invasion of Mesopotamia Arabs began subjugating and force converting people of central Asia to Islam at the point of the sword.

Had it not been for the initial 8,000 years of matriarchal civilization, wisdom and enlightenment, we the humankind would probably be still living in caves.

The followers of the three Abrahamic Adam and Eve based religions; Judaism and its two derivatives: Christianity and Islam ended up basing their decisions concerning all aspects of life on their ignorance to elect / select and support the criminal and barbaric patriarchal types of social governing systems we currently have all over the world.

To avoid ignorance, we must learn and realize the simple, obvious and fundamental laws of nature, that our daughters, and our sons, both need love and attention, they both need respect, emotional stability, dignity, equality and education. - Teaching our daughters one sets of rules, and our sons another, is the recipe for disaster and highly stupid, divisive, destructive and unnatural.

The sad and unfortunate truth is that we do these atrocious violence towards each other and our children based on the rules and regulations prescribed in the so-called Bibles, or - Religious Manuals, - without even bother to read these religious manuals for ourselves. - Consequently we end up following the words of criminal religious mullahs blindly. - We must have a change of heart and attitude, read and learn what is in these manuals.

We must recognize our endless ability and all of what we are capable of doing. - We, the humankind, must realize our endless built in self-determination and self-motivation to be kind, just, ethical and moral, highly noble and admirable human qualities, which are strongly apposed by the warmongering, manmade, dividing and conquering three Abrahamic Adam and Eve based religions; Judaism and its two derivatives: Christianity and Islam.

Women are our mothers, sisters, daughters, friends and partners / wives.  Well over half of the world’s population consists of women.  Over half of the world’s creative power, half of the world’s consciousness and over half of the world’s brainpower are women.  Human rights, gender equality and equal rights are all inalienable rights given to every woman and man by Mother Nature.  We must realize that the one and only way to truly prosper on Planet Earth is to free and unleash the unimaginable majestic power of women for the benefit of all humanity.

To insure our species continued being; we must evolve and learn to embrace reason, common sense principles, ethical standards, knowledge and wisdom.  We must eliminate and get rid of the idiotic, manmade, patriarchal and barbaric religions along with their superstition lunacy. We should all be dedicated to the defense and promotion of justice, love, liberty, democracy, equality, human rights, abolition of female and child slavery, female rights, gender equality and environmental protection measures.

Womankind + Mankind = Humankind

Silence solves nothing, it never has, and it never will.  Our silence will encourage more devastation, violence and judicial corruption at all levels, all over the world.  Our silence will help to defeat and silent the peaceful ethical voices of reason and common sense. - It is our civic duty, ethical and moral obligation, to get involved and never be silent, to solve our many problems, by simply casting the light of truth and exposing the source of the problem, followed by enlightening educational measures to solve the problem through a peaceful conflict resolution.

All real men must break the silence whenever witnessing any form of violence against women, must act, prevent and educate the abuser.  All real men should unite to bring about change of abusive practices and attitudes against women. All real men must rise to stop violence perpetrators and condone violence at any level especially against women and children.

There are only two ways of spreading the light of truth and hope, either to be the source of light, truth and hope, The Projector, or be The Mirror, that spreads and reflects the light of truth and hope to others, which one are you?

Female primary compass is her own inner guidance. As she learns to quiet the outer misogynist patriarchal lies and other negative distortions, she begins to amplify her own inner guidance signals, thus hearing the voice that naturally knows and offers wisdom, reason, common sense and compassion.

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