Definition of Gender Equality

- By Bahram Maskanian

Gender equality is nothing new, according to many existing historical facts, beginning over 12,000 years ago the early Persian Empire spanning over the Asia, North Africa and Europe has been recognized as a peaceful advanced civilization, ruled under matriarchal social governing system, where people enjoyed complete equality between all genders, throughout the whole of Asia, Europe and North Africa. - Read more...

The Million Women Dance - Belly Dance as a form of protest and demand true Female Equal Rights and Gender Equality, on the next International Women's Day, March 8, 2016

A new and effective paradigm for addressing public grievances.

Belly Dancing as a form of protest for Gender Equality and Female Equal Rights on the next International Women's Day, March 8, 2015Humanity will not survive and cannot operate intelligently, fairly and democratically in a sustainable fashion, while hopping on one leg, blind in one eye, deaf in one ear, with one hand tied behind our backs, using only half of our collective brains, which is the condition created by leaving women out of the decision making equation. All men must begin the healing process by simply recognizing women, justly and deservedly as absolute equal human beings. And if any man has problem understanding this very basic and simple fact, you should try to remember, where your life began and who brought you to planet Earth.

Ask yourself this question: “would the humanity be where we are today, drowning in the sea of mediocrity and stupidity, standing right at the edge of self annihilation cliff, about to plunge into the hell of our own making, if women had an equal voice in determining and shaping political, environmental and economic policies?”

We all have seen and read countless news reports and witnessed brutal crimes committed against women and children by those wrapped in the cloak of man-made religions and their criminal followers. In the name of their male god they terrorize, brutally rape women and girls, savagely beat, torture and murder innocent women and girls, justifying their horrific, homicidal acts as holy-war victory. Boys are taken from their dead mother’s arms and forced to kill as child soldiers, or run through mine fields and get blown-up to pieces, thus clear safe path for the murderous and rapist goons walking far behind them.

Women have been robbed of their dignity and honor by the man-made, misogynist, barbaric, patriarchal religions for far too long. We must stop denigrating women and restore women’s rightful dignity and honor. Large majority of women are kind and caring life-giving angels, deserving our highest respect; women are nurturers of life, our mothers, sisters, daughters, lovers, partners and friends.

No man could ever do what women’s reproductive system can. And yet, women are fully capable of performing and doing all of what men can do, and more. Women’s amazing ability to conceive, grow and bring new life to our world, breast-feed, nurture and raise children and manage her family. Women are naturally intuitive, empathetic, loving, caring, with strong sense of collaboration, cooperation and compassion, equipped with superb sense of harmonious leadership. - Furthermore, women deserve far more than women’s day and mother’s day, 2 days out of 365 days a year to be celebrated and honored.

Women must be enlightened and encouraged to learn how to use their amazing and immeasurable female energy, intelligence, intuition, common sense and femininity for the just cause of gender equality and female equal rights. We suggest celebrating women’s dignity and honor all over the world by learning how to Belly Dance as a form of public protest and celebration all at once. The goal is to introduce a new and effective paradigm for addressing public grievances, in this case; promoting and demanding true 50-50 female equal rights and gender equality on planet Earth.

50-50 female equal rights and gender equality means all government legislative bodies, such as: Congress house of representatives and senate at the federal as well as states local municipalities, and all other decision and policy making institutions everywhere must follow the very same rule, by electing 50% women and 50% men. The 500 members of the U.S. Congress, representing both genders equally should consist of 250 females and 250 males by law. The same law must be put in place for electing City Council members and representatives at the local level and state government’s house and senate as well.

The World Economic Forum published a report recently, in October of 2013 that shows the United States finishes far from the top of a list when it comes to gender equality. According to the reports, women in Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden enjoy far better equal rights.  American women finished 23rd on the list of 136 countries.

Women, talk to and inform other women to organize your own grass-root local belly dancing events. Together learn how to belly dance and when you feel your group is ready, put on your belly dancing costume and shoulder to shoulder, united, go in front of your representative, or government offices and demand a true 50-50 gender equality and female equal rights, while belly dancing in public, surrounded by your loved ones, family, friends and supporting fellow citizens. And if your demands are not taken seriously run for office, or vote the non-responsive representatives out of office.

Protest / Dance Celebration U.S. Venue:

We feel it will be highly appropriate to hold this momentous event at the Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. where on August 28, 1963, Martin Luther King, Jr., began his quest for achieving equality, he stood in front of the Lincoln statue and delivered his historic: "I Have a Dream" speech, advocating civil rights, racial harmony and equality. But sadly female equal rights and gender equality were not included, nor mentioned. We are going to change that together, with your help.

Click on the link below to learn the ancient art of rhythmic steps, or oriental, or eastern dance, known as belly dance, invented by Persian women under matriarchal rule beginning 12,000 years go, created to celebrate life, love, liberty and Mother Nature. Choose the moves you find appropriate for your gender equality and female equal rights public protest where you live and choreograph your own belly dance moves.

Learn How To Belly Dance - Basic Moves

We can peacefully and joyfully celebrate life, humanity, liberty, equality and happiness for everyone, all over the World on the next International Women's Day, March 8, 2014. In preparation for this vital event, if you wish to coordinate your efforts with the Venus Project Foundation, please contact us and let us know.


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