Cereal Killer - by Alan L. Watson

In this explosive book, Alan Watson sheds new light on how corporate greed, government delusion, and slippery science are making our children sick and causing what the late Dr. Robert C. Atkins called "diabesity." Cereal Killer is a stinging indictment of the big cereal companies and drug industries who enjoy huge profits as Americans of all ages suffer from failed "low fat" federal nutrition guidelines and record levels of chronic disease.


Cereal Killer answers: "Has the low fat diet failed the test of time?"

     Cereal Killer - by Alan L. WatsonCereal Killer takes on the unproven hypothesis that saturated fat and dietary cholesterol cause coronary heart disease. Instead, Watson identifies the real culprits: Excess carbohydrates and the highly processed vegetable oils that have replaced our traditional, wholesome more saturated animal and tropical fats.

     Cereal Killer, Part I, is a short history of the low fat era that began in 1961 when the American Heart Association officially endorsed a low fat diet. Part 1 answers the question, “Has low fat failed the test of time?”

     Cereal Killer, Part II, Life in the Fat Lane, is a positive analysis of dietary cholesterol and saturated fat – combating decades of fat-bashing by doctors, dietitians, university nutrition departments, and the federal government.

     Watson says the problem with the American diet has nothing to do with fat, cholesterol or eating too many calories. Instead, the underlying common denominator of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease is the emphasis on carbohydrates in the official Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

     For 40 years, advised to cut dietary cholesterol and saturated fat, Americans had to increase something and that something has been carbohydrates. As a result, obesity and diabetes have become serious public health issues and heart disease has not gone down as promised.

     Cereal Killer is a rallying cry for revising the federal 2010 Dietary Guidelines in favor of a higher fat, whole foods traditional American diet – foods that George and Martha Washington ate at Mt Vernon. Cereal Killer contains two sections, ten chapters, two appendices, and a comprehensive one-of-a-kind lipid glossary.

     In March 2009, Midwest Book Review said “Cereal Killer is well worth the read for those concerned with the health of a nation…”


Cereal Killer Reviews

      "I’d recommend this book to anyone. From those who already have health problems to those who just want to feed their family as healthfully as possible!"

-Donielle Baker, NaturallyKnockedUp.com

      "Cereal Killer is at once a devastatingly thorough intellectual assault on the low fat "balanced diet" dogma promoted by the likes of the USDA and the American Heart Association and a passionate call to action. In many ways, Cereal Killer is -- in the words of an Amazon reviewer -- the "Readers Digest" version of Gary Taubes’ Good Calories Bad Calories…. It is succinct, punchy, and full of great info that even low carb veterans may not know.”

-Adam Kosloff, Beverly Hills, CA

    "Cereal Killer is really well done - the scholarship is outstanding, the organization is impeccable, and what Watson has to say is alarming and "explosive" as the back jacket promises. Additionally, this book comes at an ideal time in our history, when parents, educators and government officials are scrambling for new answers to old persistent problems..."

-Writer's Digest - 17th Annual Self Published Book Awards

    “... Cereal Killer...is a look at the plague of diabetes and obesity that is becoming a huge problem among all age groups of children. Cereal Killer is well worth the read for those concerned with the health of a nation...”

-Midwest Book Review

    “Although Cereal Killer is only 144 pages in length, it will catch you up-to-date on everything you need to know about the current state of affairs we find ourselves in regarding diet and health in the 21st Century.”  

-Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Man "Jimmy Moore"

    “… This book shows how money and the drug companies contribute to what is labeled as healthy in the food pyramid that is pushed on the uninformed. A great read…”

-Malcolm MacGregor, the “Body Doc” 

    “Watson knows more about heart disease risk factors than any doctor I have ever met.”  

-Frank Herbert, Rice Lake, WI

    "Cereal Killer is out there challenging the corn syrup pushers who intend to spend $30 million between now and 2010 to make sure the guidelines don't single them…! Cereal Killer is a must read to become truly informed and to challenge the conventional wisdom about what we are told not to eat…”

-Mark Madson, Louisa, VA

    “Watson brings a combination of food industry history, marketing and advertising, politics (oh, how important today), and large helpings of nutrition together in this very readable, interesting and potent book.”

-John Koenig, Writer, RXMuscle.com

    “…After years and years of following what we assumed to be sound scientific advice, are we any healthier? No. In fact, we are one of the unhealthiest nations on the planet. Mr. Watson sees this problem. I could barely put this book down.  Mr. Watson’s book is a great place to start and I highly recommend it.”

-Amy Dungan, Examiner.com

    "We think this is a must read by anyone raising a family…”

-US Wellness Meats Newsletter

    “I’d recommend this book to anyone. From those who already have health problems to those who just want to feed their family as healthfully as possible!"

-Donielle Baker, NaturallyKnockedUp.com 

     “I've read many articles and books about obesity, weight loss, and diabetes, but Cereal Killer was easiest to understand. Just the weight loss chapter - "Atkins without Atkins" - is worth the price of the book…”

-Karen Black, Minneapolis, Minn.


Cereal Killer critiques The "Low Fat" Let's Move Program

Cereal Killer author Alan Watson challenges First Lady Michelle Obama's suggestion that low fat cheese is a remedy for childhood obesity.

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