Cancer The Forbidden Cures: Meet Rene Caisse, Harry Hoxsey, Max Gerson, Tullio Simoncini and Dr. Royal Raymond Rife PhD

An insightful exploration into the important work and experience of cancer healers who chose a lifelong career of fighting against a deeply ingrained establishment of corrupt, greedy and criminal nation-less pharmaceutical corporations medicine, over many proven natural remedies and methods, which have been proven in courts, proven in cancer survivor's history, who no longer have cancer. Proven in documentaries, books, documents, and articles. Proven in true stories, voices from the past and present all saying the same thing: that natural therapies, nutritional therapies, real herbal therapies are what have always worked and what will always be effective to heal cancer.

The documentary movie below is the movie we all need to see. We thank you Donald K. Ranvaud and Buenaonda Films, including: a rare and deeply personal visit with Rene Caisse and many of her successfully cured cancer patients. Rene is the beloved Canadian Nurse who cured cancer for decades throughout the 1900s until her death in 1978.

Rare footage of Harry Hoxsey, Naturopathic Doctor who cured cancer, thousands of times, in patients from all over the world, in clinics all over the United States until he was finally forced to Mexico where his successful and popular clinic is still saving lives today.

An indepth visit with Dr. Max Gerson, German doctor specializing in nutrition who fought his entire career against medical and political forces because he was successfully curing cancer patients with nutritional therapies.

A look into the life of Dr. Tullio Simoncini, Italian Oncologist and Diabetologist who has been disbarred from the Italian medical community because he has cured many patients with completely different cancers, breast, lung, stomach, liver, melanoma and more, by using alkaline sodium bicarbonate only. Dr. Simoncini has been encouraging the medical community to embrace the theory of fungus equals cancer and acknowledge that alkalinity kills fungal colonies, aka cancerous tumors.

Cancer - The Forbidden Cures

Cancer The Forbidden Cures: Meet Rene Caisse, Harry Hoxsey, Max Gerson, Tullio Simoncini and Dr. Royal Raymond Rife PhD, continues...

Rene Caisse had an old Indian Ojibway formula that was effective in removing cancer.

Coordinative Resonance Frequency Cancer Treatment, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife PhD, Pathologist and Bacteriologist, helped develop better microscopes and studied disease causing micro-organisms.

Electroherbalism is the study of using various complementary health modalities to solve health problems, or just to stay healthy. These might include naturopathic measures such as diet regimens, toxin avoidance and removal, herbs, vitamins, minerals, or other supplements, and/or the use of complementary bioelectronic devices such as Rife and Rife-Bare generators, Hulda Clark zappers and other Clark devices, function generator pad devices, EMEMs, Tesla devices, and other forms of energy or vibrational "medicine", as it is sometime called. There is a strong emphasis on self-reliant measures and cost-effectiveness, although, as it is stated in the Introduction and Warnings, one should never forgo seeing a doctor when ill since even minor problems can quickly become life-threatening if not treated or treated improperly.

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