10 Shocking Bible Verses You Won't Believe

This is NOT a pro-Atheist, or Anti-Christian Video. It also makes no attempt to be pro-Christian, or anti-Atheist. Its simply what the bible says in video form. That's it. What people take away from it is, more than likely, determined by their own preconceived ideas of what they think the Bible says, or what they think it means.

The bible has dramatically influenced the cultures of just about every people group on this entire planet. Its probably a good idea to see what this massively persuasive manuscript has to say about certain subjects that may influence the behavior of those who SAY they adhere to its teachings.

No matter what you believe about the bible, you gotta admit that it does say what it says...so lets take close look at some of its lesser known doctrines. The fact is that all religious manuals are written by Semite men, legalizing and promoting: genocide, murder, rape, torture, child abuse, cannibalism, plunder, hate, slavery, war of aggression, human sacrifice, racism, incest, betrayal, theft, female degradation, lying and other evils prevalent in the world today.

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