Christianity Debunked Using Science and History - Carrier


 Dr. Richard Carrier gives a lecture at CFI Calgary about how science and history can be used to easily disprove religion of any kind, but with special attention paid to Christianity. Watch as Dr. Carrier outlines the history of religion in humankind for tens of thousands of years before Jesus ever showed up and even then it wasn't original. Ideas borrowed from other cultures and religions like Zoroastrianism lay the foundation for Christianity. The changes made to religions

If you're a Christian when you start watching this, you won't be by the time it's over. If you are still are, well maybe you'll start using that brain of yours and free yourself eventually. The fact is that all religious manuals are written by Semite men, legalizing and promoting: genocide, murder, rape, torture, child abuse, cannibalism, plunder, hate, slavery, war of aggression, human sacrifice, racism, incest, betrayal, theft, female degradation, lying and other evils prevalent in the world today.

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