Brief History of Patriarchal Religions on Planet Earth

- By Bahram Maskanian

4,000 years ago a Persian man, a sociopath, named Mithras, orchestrated the first coup d'état in history, attempting to overthrow the flourishing 8,000 years of matriarchal ruling system in Persian Empire. Took close to 500 years for the first tyrannical patriarchal religion to gain some traction and market share and gradually spread its barbaric dogma, as an alternative to equality, peace and harmony of the matriarchal social ruling system.

3,500 years ago group of misogynist and pedophile male gender of Semite tribes in North Africa (today's Arabs and Jews) who spoke Semitic language (mix of Hebrew and Arabic), inspired by Mithras and Egyptian’s patriarchal “Book of Death” dogma, rose to compete with Persian’s Mithraism, thus plagiarized the Egyptian’s awful religious manual: the Book of Death, creating and adding more barbaric dogma, thus invented Judaism and Torah, or Old Testament as Jew’s religious manual. Where for the first time in human history, Semitic criminal male gender deliberately made female gender sub-human and a slave to the male gender, thereby creating a colossal division among human societies, between the female and male gender. And since half of the populations in any given society are women, the act of female segregation for the purpose of “Divide and Conquer” has been extremely successful.

Must be noted that there has never been such people as “Jewish People”, to be a Jew is not a nationality, to be a Jew is to follow the barbaric Torah and nothing more. In the past three thousand years, through many murderous religious wars conducted by the criminal male members of Semitic tribes of North Africa, forcing many millions of unwilling people to become Jews, out of fear of being beheaded. The barbaric Semitic male gender, have been raging their deadly religious wars and competition between all other patriarchal ruling tribes and countries in the past three thousand years, brutally forcing people to follow and worship their man made criminal religious manuals, manufactured by a few criminal, dead pedophile, male members of Semitic tribes.

Brief History of Patriarchal Religions on Planet Earth2,000 years ago, Constantine, Roman / Butcher Emperor 306–37, was convinced by a group of Jews to change the Roman (European) religion from Mithraism to a new religion. Thereby Mithraism book was plagiarized to fabricate Catholicism. Mithras character was renamed ISSAH, after an unknown dead Jew and later on renamed to Jesus by Greeks. All of Mithras stories and mythical rubbish were copied and rewritten word, by word, in association with ISSAH, or Jesus, thus Christianity, or Judeo-Christian dogma based on Torah as the old testament and Mithraism book as its supplement, as New Testament was invented, following and worshiping an unknown dead Jew, Jesus.

Some of the Mithras’s popular mythical nonsense you may have heard, such as, but not limited to: God, Mithras’s father sent him down to Earth to confirm his contract with Man. Mithras was born from a Virgin mother, by means of “Immaculate Conception”. He was born of Anahita, an immaculate virgin mother. Mithras’s birth is celebrated on December 25th. Mithras’s birth in stables was witnessed by shepherds and magi who brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Mithras was baptized and practiced Eucharist. Mithras had 12 disciples. Mithras was called the “Truth”, “Light”. Mithras was also the God of Darius, conqueror of Babylon. Mithras performed miracles and was called Messiah, or Christos by Greeks. Mithras made contract, or covenant with Man, confirming an older contract with God. The Persian word Mithras literally means Contract. Mithras celebrated a last supper with his disciples before his death and departure from Earth. Mithras died to atone for the sins of Man. Mithras was crucified and killed. Mithras resurrected on a Sunday and ascended to heaven. Mithras ascended into heaven to rejoin his father. Mithras healed the sick and was known as the judger of souls and he shall return to pass judgment on Man. On judgment day, the dead will arise and be judged by Mithras. Mithras will send sinners to HELL. Mithras will send the God fearing faithful to HEAVEN. On judgment day there will be a final conflict between God and Evil. The forces of Evil will be destroyed and the saved shall live in paradise forever. Mithras is part of a Holy Trinity: the Father, Son, And Holy Spirit, who took human form. Mithras is depicted as having a halo, (a circular band of light around over his head). Mithras followers drink wine and eat bread, which represent his blood and flesh. Mithras followers are baptized. Saturday and Sunday are the two (2) days of the week to rest and celebrate. And finally, during the Roman Revival of the Mithraism, where do you think the religion was centered? On the one and the same: Vatican Hill - in Rome..!

1,400 years ago, 50 years after the death of Mohammad, another self-proclaimed Jew, as God’s exclusive representative on planet Earth, Abu Abdullah "Hanemel" ben Nehemiah II, a Jew, who falsely became known as “Salman al-Farsi”, masqueraded to the Iranian people as one of their own, as a Persian scholar, in cooperation with two other male Jews political hustlers: Omar and Osman working with a few Jewish mullahs fabricated Islam, a combination of 80% Judaism and 20% Catholicism. Must keep in mind that all Semitic people were forced into Judaism at the point of sword and until the invention of Judeo-Islam dogma, all Semitic people were Jewish and those who refused to accept Christianity and Islam are today’s Jews. Also there has been a lot of conversion from one religion to another, so it is nearly impossible to narrow down who is really who?

On our beloved, one and only home, planet Earth, there are close to 10,000 despotic patriarchal religions invented by men, since 4,000 years ago, all of which are extremely similar in their barbaric dogma and stories, with the sole purpose of totalitarian domination, to plunder, rape, murder, control and own women and all of the Mother Nature’s bounties.

The obvious fact is that since Jews, Judeo-Christians and Judeo-Moslems are following and worshiping Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad all illiterate dead Jews and Jews religious manuals shouldn’t they all be Jews? Thereby stop competing and the thousands of years old murdering religious wars?

The 3 barbaric, Abrahamic, Adam and Eve based, misogynist, warmongering, pedophile, children raping, slave holding and slave marketing, man-made, patriarchal religions: Judaism and its 2 derivatives: Christianity and Islam are, and have always been the agents and promoters of ignorance, slavery, hate, war, violence, rape, murder, plunder, mediocrity and stupidity.

Throughout the thousands of years history of patriarchal religious wars, the criminal male political hustlers, immediately after each conquests of a matriarchal civilization, they began looting, stealing, or burning and completely destroying all evidences of matriarchal civilization, millions of books, and all other evidences, the unmatched treasure of humanity’s knowledge and wisdom.

Ironically all of these patriarchal religions share a very similar mythical story regarding their claim to fame, fortune, legitimacy and close bond to god, the supposed big guy in the sky. That one late night, in the desert, or in a cave, where no one was around, in a dark spooky cave in the middle of nowhere, suddenly Gabriel, or god appeared to these pedophiles. Warning them they and their people better love, worship and believe him and kiss his ass every chance they get, or there will be hell to pay!

Now, I am no advertising agent, or a marketer, but can you imagine starting an advertising campaign for an event, cause, or even a product with high return expectations for success, as god would have wanted? And since god is smarter than the rest of us, the humanity, why would she show-up late at night, where no one was around, in the dark and deserted caves to issue command to Moses, Abraham, Mohammed and the rest of the evil bastard political hostlers?

Considering that god is supposedly smarter than man, why make such idiotic and stupid mistake? The said simple logical narrative is strong enough evidence, which proves these male god messengers were all full of crap. God with her infinite wisdom would have a clear understanding that to honestly make a point and settle an argument one would show up in high noon where everybody can hear and see you and only then, intimidate a crap out of people to pay you religious tax, love and obey you!

Personally I think religion is like a female or male sex organ (genitalia), which comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and everybody has at least one, and due to the social etiquette, we all adhere to, we keep it in our under garment and don’t flaunted out in public, forcing others to worship it, sing praises to it, kneel before it and pray to it, sacrifice for it and kiss it, make sculptures of it, and run their lives by its mythical wishes.

8,000 Years of Thriving Matriarchal Rule:

Had it not been for the initial 8,000 years of thriving matriarchal rule, prior to the takeover of patriarchal barbarism, we, the human kind would probably still be living in caves. The flourishing and creative culture of matriarchal rule, developed languages and established civil society, gender equality, human rights, human dignity, music, seasonal celebrations and dances such as: belly dance, known as oriental or eastern dance, poetry, philosophy but no religion, cooperative business and trade, mathematics, sciences, holistic herbal medicine, agriculture and much more. Again, had it not been for the thriving matriarchal rule, we would certainly be living in much darker and deeper caves of ignorance, apathy, mediocrity and stupidity that we are currently trapped in today.

The highly rich matriarchal culture and civilization, or as it has been known the world’s “cradle of civilization and culture”, was centered in Mesopotamia, the capital of Persian Empire for thousands of years, an ancient region of southwest Asia, between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in today’s Iraq, up to 1,400 years ago, before the invasion of the barbaric, subjugating and patriarchal forces of Islam, converting people of Asia, Europe and North Africa to Islam at the point of their bloody swords.

Arthur Schopenhauer - All truth passes through three stages

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 - 1860)

Aside from the historic, scientific and logical proof, one’s own common sense clearly dictates the path of life, the origin and the source of life clearly evident all around us. Life is a college, we are here to evolve, learn and grow. After we die and graduate we shall be reborn on planet Earth, or other any of the billions of other planets to gradually grow and continue our education.

Never believe everything you are told, hear or read. - Use your own built in common sense and skepticism, search for and find the answers for yourself.

The three barbaric, Abrahamic, Adam and Eve based, misogynist, man-made, patriarchal religions: Judaism and its two derivatives: Christianity and Islam are, and have always been the agents and promoters of ignorance, hate, violence, rape, murder, plunder, mediocrity and stupidity.

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