How to compel your local, state and federal representatives to carry out your wishes?

- By Bahram Maskanian

Lets say for argument sake that you do care about our one, and only home, Planet Earth, and wish to protect our one, and only home! But you are not sure where to begin saving and protecting our environment?

Based on my own powers of observations, plus 30 years of research, I can offer you a simple solution, that not only save us, the humanity from absolute self annihilation, but it would also put $1,000s of dollars, cash money in your pocket, whether you are a home owner, or if you rent.

The emerging New Energy technologiesNew Energy is the only means of survival. New Energy has been here and available for over a century. The emerging New Energy technologies broadly named: Free, or New Energy is the means of utilizing the abundance of non-polluting, green and sustainable energy sources, freely available to all of humanity. What sets New Energy technologies advanced designs apart from all others is their superior ability to access and utilize the primordial, electro-magnetic and fusion forces of the universe.

The performance methods of these nontoxic electricity producing devices forces humanity to learn and see the infinite space all around us as the true repository of never-ending and infinite source of clean energy.

The Free, or New Energy means of power production embodies a range of technologies, where each one of them clearly illustrates the evidence of humanity’s evolutionary leap in grasping Mother Nature’s infinite wisdom.

Try to imagine clean, safe, abundant and inexpensive energy for all of humanity. Imagine eliminating carbon emission, thus reversing catastrophic climate change.  Imagine clean air and water, and healthy oceans, required to sustain the life of the planet. Imagine low-cost plentiful healthy organic foods, beautiful blue skies overhead free from toxic Geo-engineering and Chemtrail aerosols sprayed all over cities and people, all over the world.

Try to imagine delightful forests and landscapes unspoiled by the cancer-causing electrical transmission wires and coal-burning smokestacks. Imagine clean rivers, thriving sustainable cooperative local economies and complete recycling of all wastes. Through implementing the New Energy devices, humanity can be liberated from wars for oil, fossil fuels pollution, as well as dangerous nuclear power plants.

The time to fully unleash human potential and creativity has arrived.  We must create a world where all of humanity (all of us) could live and thrive in a new and lasting era of cooperation, compassion, collaboration and world peace!

Organize your neighbors (other constituents) to CALL first, followed by WRITING to your local, state and federal representatives, enlightening them as to what New Energy is, and why it must be done, and remind the politicians whom they are working for. DEMAND immediate favorable action for removal of all U.S. Government barriers and creation of new policy for implementation of New Energy.

DO NOT SEND any e-mails, complete waste of time. E-mails are easily deleted and forgotten. Hand write your letter, or do it on a computer and print it out, sign it, and actually mail it to their offices. From the time you write and date your letter give them 3 weeks to meet with you, your neighbors and other constituents in person. On the said date, you and your neighbors should go to their offices and ask for clear unambiguous progress report.

MUST continue and repeat, carrying out your civic responsibility, every month, until your community gets what you want!

How to compel your local, state and federal representatives to carryout your wishes

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