Power Corrupts, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

- By Bahram Maskanian

Ever since the demise of Matriarchal Era nearly nine thousand years ago, and fabrication of barbaric religions by criminal Semite men, advocating slavery, plunder, rape, war and murder, humanity has been suffering a great deal. But, the invention of printing machine, followed by Radio and Television, gave humanity a brief hope of freedom and dignified life, which as we all know did not happen, and were quickly taken over by the criminal elites.

In recent history, the invention of computers, and the World Wide Web, renewed the very same hope of freedom and dignified life again, which it did not materialize either. The very same enthusiastic bright minds, whom discovered and invented the necessary devices and software, start making astronomical amount of money and in the process forgot their roots, integrity and humanity.

Power Corrupts, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

We are now at the mercy of a few nation-less corporations who care nothing about us, the people. The cellphones and their harmful Wi-Fi ionizing radiation, not only did not improve our lives, and in fact they made it far worse. The invention of the so-called "Social Media", created a virtual, artificial, on line community of lonely people, in desperate need of a real loving and caring human community, but not a virtual substitute.

The good news is that we can get our lives back, and stop these greedy folks from funding "Singularity", "Trans-humanism", and other oppressive agendas like them, and actively participating in Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or "DARPA" and others like it, doing the U.S. shadowy government's research to develop mass-murdering weapons and new inventive ways of dominating, dividing and conquering us, the people for their own benefits.

Those whom are pushing the Singularity, Trans-humanism agendas have been telling us that this is an international intellectual movement, which aims to transform the human condition by developing highly sophisticated technologies and making them widely available to greatly enhance human intellect and physiology. No one in a right mind would believe that. The one-tenth of one percent of the people, the criminal billionaire elites are the only ones to be benefited by it, but it will never be us, working folks. Furthermore, the very same technology can easily be used to dumb us down and enslave us even more than they already have.

Why the Singularity is Bullshit

Published on July 30, 2015

The solution is actually very simple, turn off your TV, Radio, Cellphones and Computers. We are social being, we love to be part of your own lively community and enjoy life with our fellow human beings. Relearn socializing, mingling, and communicating in person with others, face-to-face and be who you really are, a loving, compassionate and community building kind of people.

The said lively community should take place in the bosom of Mother Nature, but not in bars and clubs. We want to maintain our brain's health, we should never forget, healthy mind is in a healthy body. Talk to your friends, loved ones and family members, invite them to go on picnic, to enjoy healthy fresh fruits, vegetables and foods, talk, share your experiences, learn from each other, sing, dance, laugh, read books, enrich and enjoy your life. And if you live alone, or with a lover, or a roommate, learn how to cook, dance, read enlightening books, share your thoughts and enhance your lives.

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