Celebrate For Change - The Dawn of a New Era

A Silent Revolution / Evolution, The Best Form of Civil Disobedience

- By Bahram Maskanian

The Dawn of a New Era - Celebrate For ChangeOn March 21, stay home all day and night and celebrate LIFE - a necessary and effective paradigm shift, an exercise in national unity and cooperation.

Let us celebrate liberty, justice, happiness and true democracy, by staying home all day, cooking and enjoying good healthy foods, vegetables and fruits, dancing, singing, laughing and truly celebrating LIFE on March 21. Let it be known, that from this day forward, it shall be recorded in world history, the first day of spring, March 21st as the “NEW DAY”, and as the day of festivity and national holiday, it shall be celebrated each and every year.

To celebrate is to physically mark an important happy occasion, in order to express one’s appreciations. To celebrate is to be thankful to Mother Nature for all that she has provided for all of humanity and bestowed upon all of us. To celebrate is to recognize our common deep desires for liberty, justice, happiness and our abilities to bring about positive changes impacting humanity for better, through positive and uplifting powers of celebration.

We could also celebrate for change, the necessary changes we must make, if we hope to survive on planet Earth as human species. Protesting our disapproval and discontent of the criminal ruling elites through celebration. You see, political demonstrations have never been effective, the ruling elites simply waits people out, and after the demonstrators are gone home, they continue doing what they want. “Those who do not learn from their history are doomed to repeat it.”

Therefore, I would like to invite my fellow Americans to celebrate LIFE, returning to our one and only home planet Earth, in show of solidarity as a united people, by staying home all day, thus demonstrating our strong will for change, on March 21, the “NEW DAY”, marking the beginning of the dawn of a new era, the day of festivity, celebrating: liberty, justice, happiness, human rights, life and Mother Nature.

It must be noted that, due to the relentless dumbing-down efforts of the public by the criminal elites in the past 50 years, some folks are under a misguided impression that consumption of alcohol and drugs coupled with loud and idiotic manners, ruining one’s health, throwing away one’s hard earned cash, killing one’s brain, heart, kidneys, liver and stomach causing violent and stupid behavior, altering one’s character and personality for worse, is actually celebrating.

Prior to the invention of Christmas, a majority of the people all over the world celebrated the return of life back to planet Earth on 21st of March, the first day of Spring. People all over the world celebrated the four seasons, each month of the year; the sun, rain, soil and generally all life sustaining and enhancing elements on Earth were celebrated.

Christmas celebration was invented less than 200 years ago, by the 19th-century literary figures such as: C. S. Lewis, Washington Irving, Clement Clarke Moore, and of course, Charles Dickens. History has revealed that Christian, or pagan Christmas is a Victorian fabrication and nothing more.

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The Dawn of a New Era - Celebrate For Change - The Best Form of Civil Disobedient

The Dawn of a New Era - Celebrate For Change - The Best Form of Civil Disobedient

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