Here are some good news we wanted to share it with you!

* California Installed More Rooftop Solar In 2013 Than Previous 30 Years CombinedThinkProgress

* Mexican Congress passes bill opening oil industry to U.S., othersCBS News

* Iceland thumbs nose at international opposition to advance $1.2bn debt relief planRT News

* First Step Towards Nullification: Michigan Governor Signs Anti-NDAA Bill into LawTenth Amendment Center

* New "Freedom Act" Would Curtail the Patriot ActTruthout

* Congressman Holt pushes to abolish Patriot ActYouTube

* Modern Prohibition Takes It on the Chin with Uruguay’s Marijuana LegalizationThe Dollar Vigilante

* World's first legal recreational marijuana sales begin in ColoradoThe Denver Post

* State Marijuana Laws MapGoverning

* Portugal Decriminalized All Drugs Eleven Years Ago And The Results Are StaggeringBusiness Insider

* Canada's Anti-Prostitution Laws Struck Down By Supreme CourtHuffington Post

* City Cites “International Code” in Effort to Evict Off-Grid

* Cincinnati judge orders all speed cameras confiscated, manufacturer held in contemptNatural News

* UC Santa Cruz students prepare for ethics competitionSanta Cruz Sentinel

* America Greatest Threat to World PeaceGlobal Research

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