How To Compel Your Local, State And Federal Representatives To Carry Out Your Wishes?

Organize your neighbors (other constituents) to CALL first, followed by WRITING to your local, state and federal representatives, enlightening them as to why your demands for legalizing and removing all laws against Hemp or Cannabis must be done immediately, and as the owners of the country, remind the politicians whom they are really working for. DEMAND immediate favorable action for removal of all U.S. Government barriers and creation of new policy for implementation of industrial Hemp or Cannabis crop cultivation.

DO NOT SEND any e-mails, complete waste of time. E-mails are easily deleted and forgotten. Hand write your letter, or do it on a computer and print it out, sign it, and actually mail it to their offices. From the time you write and date your letter give them 3 weeks to meet with you, your neighbors and other constituents in person. On the said date, you and your neighbors should go to their offices and ask for clear unambiguous progress report.

MUST continue and repeat, carrying out your civic responsibility, every month until your community is satisfied with the results!

Demand legalization and removal all laws against Hemp or Cannabis to be done immediately

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